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Luke Steigerwalt

Professor Voltz
UWRT 1102
EIP Portfolio
Course Reflection
I believe reflective writing is like going back in the past to examine how your writing has
developed. Looking back on all of the essays, blogs, and papers I have written over the semester
has helped me get a better grasp on my writing style. I can see some of the mistakes I have
corrected or changes I have made to improve my writing. I have learned more about my style of
writing by writing papers on subjects that I may or may not have been passionate about. Writing
about things I have never considered or heard such as pseudo-events, opens my mind to new
ideas and forms of writing. I can physically see and read where I have improved on my wording,
diction, and punctuation in a text. I believe reflective writing is important and helps me look
back at my previous writing to get a better understanding of where I came from and how I got to
I thought the idea of an inquiry project was very creative and gave students lots of
freedom. The usual 5-6 page paper at the end of every writing class Ive ever been in has gotten
very old and monotonous. The teacher usually assigns a paper on a book or piece of text in
which an essay must be written to describe the use of certain features in the text. Students
grudgingly write the paper without any emotion or feeling just to get a passing grade. The idea
of project that is chosen and presented by the student was something I have never heard of until I
came to college. I liked having the freedom to choose a topic I was interested in to research and
present in any way I wanted. I think that is one reason this was considered an inquiry project

rather than a research project. I had the freedom to choose any topic rather than be assigned
something to research. It was based off of my own interests and passions.
The process of creating my Extended Inquiry Project has been long and rough. I couldnt
decide how I wanted to present my information, much less what information I would be
presenting. I had a hard time deciding on topics. At first I wanted to do religion, but realized
that would be too biased and controversial. So I decided to write about renewable and nonrenewable energy since that seemed to be simple and straightforward. At first I just wanted to do
the plain 5-6 page paper with a thesis, intro, body, and conclusion, but then a classmate
suggested I do a brochure instead. After looking into it, I realized it would be a lot more
entertaining to the reader or audience and can present information in a short and concise manner
rather than read a whole 5 page essay.
Throughout this semester I have written about Bullshit, propaganda, pseudo-events,
media, and meditation. I have learned about my writing style, but also a lot about writing
throughout society such as in media. The news is a helpful tool when you need to know about
weather, traffic, crime, or celebrity gossip. But when it comes to war or politics, I have learned
to be careful with what I believe is true and false, and take a cautious approach when certain
sides are being examined. The news tends to be one-sided when reporting on politics or war.
I have also found that certain strategies work best for me when I write such as not
worrying about grammar, punctuation, or structure, but focusing on content and depth. I tend to
struggle with examples or digging deep because I am afraid of sounding repetitive and losing
track of my purpose or main idea. I dont want to dig to deep and get off topic. I tend to scratch
the surface during my first draft and it isnt until my second draft that I read over my work and
realize spots where I need to dig deep and elaborate or provide examples to help the reader

connect. I have overcome many of the mistakes and habits I have by reading over my essays or
papers many times to make sure I elaborate to a proper extent without over doing it. I dont
meticulously pick out each and every spot that needs elaborating, rather mainly the larger and
significant points in my paper. I make sure I have plenty of time before I turn in my paper to
read over it instead of just typing it and turning it in.
I believe my best piece of writing was the letter I sent to you, Professor Voltz. I find it
easiest to write in first person, especially if its about my opinion or life. I can just type or write
the first thing that comes into my head without having to rethink it. I dont have to analyze
anything or cite any information, I can just simply write exactly what I am thinking. Writing
about my own life or experiences is simple because its all out of memory from the past. When
writing about opinions I feel its easy to convey my thoughts or ideas on paper since I am already
thinking of them in my head. I believe the letter I wrote to you is my best writing because it was
my true writing style without any filters or techniques that I learned from writing in school.
One of the most useful skills I have learned from the course is to stay true to your own
writing style. Dont let the past years of writing for grades and teachers dampen your writing
style, but also dont ignore the advice given to you by peers or teachers. I have learned to write
in my own way that is specific and unique to me, rather than change my writing to get a better
grade or make a teacher happy. With that said, I also listen and follow my teachers directions or
advice to an extent that helps my writing, but doesnt completely take over my writing style.
Another useful skill I have learned is to look at both sides of an argument before
choosing which side your own. After we looked at the news reports from Fox News and other
news casts, it was evident that only the news concerning positive statements about the U.S.s
involvement in the war were displayed. America only saw the war from our side, rather than

from the opposing side. The news never reported on how the enemy felt about the war in which
they too were losing family and friends. We arent conscious of the fact that other nations are
fighting for something they believe is right just like we fight for what we believe is right. After
taking this class I have learned to be cautious of what I believe from the News since some of the
stories tend to be one sided or not completely true.
I believe I deserve at least a B for this portfolio because I have completed all of my
assignments on time and have received As on most, if not all, of my Journals, Blogs, and ICWs.
I followed the rubric for the portfolio and described my website and wrote my reflections for
each piece of writing. I also answered all of the suggested topics while writing my course
reflection. The only part that I could possibly lose points for is my EIP essay/presentation
because I wasnt too sure on how to present my information. At first I wanted to write a paper on
Renewable and Non-Renewable Energy, but then at the last moment I decided a brochure what
be more creative and entertaining. I also had a hard time finding scholarly sources and went with
the best I could find. At first I thought renewable and non-renewable energy would be
interesting, but as the semester continued I realized I wasnt as passionate as I thought I was and
began to lose interest. Overall, I believe the prezi and EIP will affect my grade the most.