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Virtual Insanity ‘Music by Jason Kay and Toby Smith Words by Jason Kay (d= 92) ‘em Dior ant cms Cimair ea7ts oe ene Capo 1 if ii ih fe ia TR if what__ we're living in, ___let me telly = derman can eat. at all. when things are big that should be who can tell what ma-gic spells we'll Bits ao oe oor this world, on-Ily___ tobe told, © 1996 EMI Music Publishing Ltd, London WC2H OEA amr wo De can’t see, no-thing’s gon-na change the way. we live, ‘cause coms comai7 cares iH Fe mr al-waystake but ne - vergive ‘And now that things are chang-ing for the worse, see, oe its @ cra - zy world we're liv-ing in all we have to give these 10 Abe? By Chal in? comaj7 din? m7 use = less, of their ao ing what a —-mess__ we've Emr be gowern’d by. this love wehave for der to know_ where amy ebm? = 10-g%— oh, now ground. = And T'm —think- omai7 to be-gin, omnis Comair aires Ti Toul slip sick-ly ties chat earth ly man has made, Bits ‘choose the co-lour cima that’s what they said yes - ter - day,— there's nothing left to do but chmaiz think it's time we found syn-the-size. an-oth-erstrain, there's some 1 = thing in these fu - tures that we have 10 be told under - ground, = Bim? +H efor al = ways and now it’s Vir-tu-al_ In-sa- nity, sem to go-vern’d by this forget yourVir-tu - love we have_ al Re-a- f= for = 2 < = a = 5 omar os? ein? aim? . a ae” ae = i ? Sy fF fe io a —— SS SS eS ste es, twist - ing of their new ch = no Jo- gy oh, now. oh, there's nosthing 30 bady aa mad une hap = py man, #* Se ee | eke = = = ra # 3 = 7 2 comai7 ent mr em? 13 for we all live 1 know — omar g g comns un - der - ground, yeah. comaj7 cimair tee, ieee aie? kn? arts 14 Chmaj7 Bm7 Aer Son Comair Daim? i e &e fe Re govern’ by. this love_ we have for use-less, isting Ben? ebm? comair Dae? of their new_ techno logy ob, 2 ear oe BS m bs ge rar a iy Ep i 7 . oor) obmai7 Barts g & a what wee ling in, yeah, ia ut all round me 8va