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Artifact and Reflection Assignment #2

Group Mapping Project

LOCAL: Mount Shishaldin


Unimak Island is located along the Aleutian Trenches of Alaska. It is the
largest island in the Aleutian Islands. One of the most hazardous volcanoes
along the Aleutian Trenches would be the Shishaldin volcano. It may be a
moderately active volcano on Unimak Island, but it is quite hazardous. The
fact that Mount Shishaldin is the highest peak of the Aleutian Islands, its
eruptions are much stronger. There are about 10 volcanoes located on
Unimak Island. Shishaldin at 9,373 ft, Isanotski at 8,104 ft, and Pogromni at
6,569 ft.

REGIONAL: Alaskan Volcanoes


Alaska lies along an area called the Pacific Ring of Fire. Alaska has over 100
volcanoes and they make up 8% of all active (above water) volcanoes on
earth. The volcanoes that lie along the Aleutian Trenches are called the
Aleutian Arc. The Aleutian Arc extends through the Alaska Peninsula following
the Aleutian Range to the Aleutian Islands. The Arc is the result of the
subduction of pacific plates beneath the North American plate. The Pacific
plate moves northward and dives under the North American platethus
resulting in volcanoes, which created the islands.
The numbers 1-3 represent the hazard of the volcanoes: 1 being the least
hazardous and 3 being the most hazardous. Along the Aleutian Trench, a
majority of the volcanoes are located in larger regions of land and on the
more mountainous regions.

GLOBAL: The Ring of Fire


Throughout the globe, there are many volcanic activities. Although, most
volcanoes lie along the edges of the Pacific Oceanthey are called the Pacific
Ring of Fire. The Ring of Fire is the result of plate tectonics. Many of the
volcanoes occur in the subduction zoneswhich is when two of the Earths
tectonic plates collide and one plate sinks into the mantle underneath the
other. These active volcanoes are located underwear in the Pacific Ocean. The
Ring of Fire has 452 volcanoes and is 75% of the worlds most active
volcanoes. These volcanoes are spread along the southern tip of South
America, along the west coast of North America, across the Bering Strait and
the Aleutian Islands, downwards through Japan, through the Philippines and
into New Zealand.


This assignment met the learning outcome of demonstrating

global literacy and awareness by analysis and interpretation of the
complex global patterns and processes of the atmosphere, lithosphere,
hydrosphere and biosphere. The project was not an individual
assignment, although each person in the group was assigned a sphere
to focus on; I was assigned the lithosphere. This meets the learning
outcomes in terms of the analysis/interpretation of the global volcanic
This assignment was one of my best works because I thought it
was be difficult to accomplish, although, I managed to
understand/depict the pattern for each map. I had used data and
information from sources such as National Geographic, Alaskan Nature,
Unimak Landform. I used National Geographic to figure out the pattern
of the global map and the amount of volcanoes located on and near
the ring of fire. I used Alaskan Nature to find out what volcanoes lied
along the Aleutian Trenches and how hazardous the volcanoes may be
on a scale of 1-3. I had used the Unimak Landform site to figure out the
height and the certain volcanoes located on Unimak Island; I had also
learned the volcanic structure of every volcano from the magma
chambers to the ash clouds. From utilizing the sources and having a
better understanding of the patterns, I was able to easily create my
map sets. I had used sites such as National Geographic Mapmaker to
create my maps and add its patterns. This assignment shows that I
have spent a lot of time and effort on researching and helping myself
achieve a better understanding on each aspect of this assignment:
from the volcanic map patterns, to creating the map set, to the
detailed information on each volcano.
I have done a lot of research to understand the map set patterns
and on how to create the maps. I have had many trial and errors in the
process of creating the map, although in the end I have succeeded.
The most effective would be doing research on the map patterns (how
to create and read them). The patterns alone were difficult to
understand so I had to search up and go through many sources to be
able to create my final product (my own map set with patterns).
There are many ways I have grown or developed as a result of
this assignment. I anticipated this assignment to be difficult mainly
because of the map patterns. By constantly attempting to re-do the
map set and do extra research; I had realized that by trial and error, I

would soon be able to perfect the finishing product; many failed

attempts led to success. Another way that I have grown was that I
have begun to appreciate cartographers and geographers more. Ive
never realized how hard itd be to create a simple map with its
patterns. Another way this helped me grow was it helped me become
more detailed-oriented. In the beginning, I looked at the pattern and
didnt understand it at all. I tried doing research and constantly go
back and forth to understand every other patterns relating to the
pattern I had and it had helped me a lot. I realized by paying attention
to small details it could help me go a long way.