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Anthony Mello
UWRT 1102
Professor Voltz
February 10th, 2015
EIP Research Proposal
My question for investigative research is if we as humans truly have free will. Some
questions that will help me get to my point and narrow what I want to research are the following:
What is considered free will among the general public? What differences do we see in cultures
on the view of free will and what it means in their societies? Why do we as people care that we
are truly free? How does being free affect a persons everyday life? In places that dont
experience true freedom, what do they view as free will and what are their perspectives on what
it means to be free?
I chose this subject for quite a few reasons actually. I have always been interested in the
human mind and a sense of having a free spirit and I have always wondered what constitutes
actually being free. I also find things revolving around freedom very fascinating. I admire
countries that try to allow as much freedom as possible to their citizens, and I love how our
nation was built upon the idea of man being free and has served as a model for many other
nations who are developing or have developed. Im also really fascinated and compelled to know
more about the conscious and subconscious mind which stems all our thoughts and are the only
places where we can truly experience real freedom.
Things I already know about free will are that it is a want for every society to feel that it
is free and be able to do as it pleases. I also know that there are many limiting factors resulting
from society and economic statuses that actually affect our freedom. There is more than just the

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rights given to you by a government that constitutes free will. Free will is the actual conscious
choice to do as you please and experience life the way you want. I also know that with the want
for more freedoms in many governments we are actually starting to create limitations in a way.
New regulations are being put into place in order to make equality; though these regulations may
make things more equal, it does seem to take away from our freedom. I also know a lot about
how the idea of free will has changed over the course of time and how its an idea and that it still
has not been fully proven or disproven. Ive also done some research in the past about it and
learned a lot about pre-determinants in the human mind that actually affect the choices we make
before we make them. I have also learned a lot about how free will derives primarily from free
thinking. To actually be free you have to live for yourself and your own ideals and not someone
elses. These are some of the basic things that I have learned about over the years and make me
look forward to doing more research.
Things I need to learn more about include how we are influenced by the components
around us and what role they play on our freedom. I also need to look more into the illusion of
freedom of choice that is a contending theory and seems prevalent in todays society. In addition
I need to learn more about other cultures views on free will and how they interpret the idea. I
need to learn more about experiments done on the mind and things that have been done to try and
prove the existence of free will. Another good thing to research are theories that have to do with
pre-determination in life and how we have no actual say in what goes on in our lives. Lastly it
would be beneficial to see how the idea has evolved and shaped the history of mankind.
Some of the questions I am going to try to answer are as follows: How does society and
legislation affect our free will and restrict us? Why do we have a desire to be free, and how is
this reflected through our government structures and other aspects of our live? What are some of

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the cognitive processes that are involved in our decision making that may actually make us not
truly act out of our own free will? What makes people feel as if they are free and are there
similarities or standards for what is considered free? How does the idea of freedom shape and
change our society over time? How has the idea of free will itself changed over the course of
time? With the loss of a desire for freedom in exchange for equality what could possibly happen
to nations such as the United States in the future? Does the general public feel that we have free
will or whether it is a lost cause?
As for the answers to these questions, I have a pretty big variety of sources I could use. I
can look online for all sorts of information on cultures and interpretations of freedom as well as
how the idea has changed and evolved over time. I can use articles to see other research that has
been done on the process. Articles as well as books can be very helpful to see experiments done
on the subject of free will and consciousness. Just looking up on the internet experiments that
have been geared towards the study brings up multiple sources. I can cross reference some of
these things with the library database and see what happens and I could probably find various
articles as well as some books that may help me in my research. Also for some questions
regarding the publics emotions or views on free will, I could interview people and get their take
on the subject and see what other people believe and/or know about the topic. Something that
may be hard to answer is what drives people to be free and really being able to give a clear cut
answer on that because it is kind of a natural process and somewhat of an opinion-based
I do have a feeling my results and research are going to become a little too numerous. Im
hoping for the best but if the subject is too hard to determine I will narrow it down in relation to
the freedom associated with America. I will probably assess if we are truly free in America

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anymore or if we have so many rules and regulations to promote equality that it actually takes
away from the freedoms we once had.
As for broadening my topic, it is already such a broad topic I dont think I would, or even
could broaden the subject. Its very straight forward and I believe if I do make any adjustments to
my topic it is going to be in relation to narrowing it rather than broadening it.
My target audience for this research paper can be just about anyone. Anyone who cares
about the freedom they feel they have and wants to know more about what goes on in their minds
and the processes that lead to our decision making and the aspects that influence it. This issue is
important because we strive to be free and thats how many governments are structured and
politics work in order to assure that we are as free as possible. It is also important because people
should have a good grasp of what constitutes their free will and how they can use it to their
advantage in a country that allows us to do so much.
As for my genre I guess I am going to argue whether we truly have free will or not. I still
havent decided on what stance I am going to take because I want to look into it more and do far
more research before I come to a conclusion. But, for my paper I plan on presenting both sides
regardless and then disproving things from the side I oppose. So I guess you can say this will just
be your standard argumentative essay.

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Readers Review
While reading this proposal I really want to know what you think of my topic. I do feel it
is a little broad and am thinking of relating it more towards how much freedom we have in the
United States as opposed to this. I would really like to keep my topic but if it is too broad then I
wont hesitate whatsoever to change it. I feel I did address each part of the proposal but I did
have two points of concern. First being the broadness of my topic, second is I had trouble with
the ten questions and could definitely use some feedback on that. I only could come up with
eight and if you come up with any ideas while reading then definitely recommend them.
Also while reading my proposal dont be afraid to tell me anything that seems flawed at
all. I am always open to listen to feedback about my writing. Or if you think there is a specific
idea I should take from what Ive talked about and look more into it than that would be good to
hear, as well.