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NS 2viecs Sune 2009 Renee Arett 15 Alenby Road Dalat WA 6009 “To Whom 1 May Concem Employment Reference~ Renee Arnett We are pleased to provide ths lete of reference confing Renee Arnett’ term of employment 35 an Assistant Projet Manager vith NS Projets Py Ltd from 16 February 2007 to 19 December 208. ‘ver this pevlod Renee gained experience In admiration and project mangement supper functions on 2 wide vary of projects, primal n the land development and urban renewal ls Key projects nduded Perry Lakes and Ocean Mla Residential SubdiSlons and Nortrdge Lik. ‘She also worked cosely with our associated property development consultancy company in assisting with preparation of projet feast reports. During her time with us Renee proved tobe 2 dligent tam meer and a valued contibutr to ou project constancy series she related wel to cents ad flow team members ar ft us with Best wishes to werk ari business. For further enqutes please cal Damian Fasher or mysel on (08) 6363 0800. We woud be pleased to ‘Provide a more dale tephone reference. Yours sincerely, ING PRODECTS PTY LTD.