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Una furtiva lagrima Romanza from “L’Elisir d'amore” English version by Gaetano Donizetti Dr. Theodore Baker (1797-1848) Larghetto — calando Nemorino = U- na for- ti - Ta-gri-ma ne-glioc-chi suoi spun- Shy-ly and slow tear a-rose, Gleaming with-in her Copyright, 1906, by G. Schirmer, Inc. Copyright renewal assigned, 1934, to @. Schirmer, Inc. 16363 s6363 quel - Ie ‘As if at vi - di- ar sem- bro: gay compan-ions’ joy: cer-can- doio vo? look be - yond? che pil Why do I lo ve - me, know — it, fe- sto - se gio - she en - va-ni in heart vied me My che pitt cer-can-doio vo? Why do T look be - yond? do, lo ve I know P Un so-loi-stan- tei pal Ah, for one mo - ment, on-ly one, b= del suo bel cor sen - tir, I miei so- spir con - Pressed on her beat - ing heart! Might I once feel it, fon - de-re -co a’ suoi so - spir, on = ly once, ighs of mine a - part! con - fon - de-re i miei co'suoi So- Once pressed up-on herheart,herbeating 16363 Cielo, si pud mo = rir, pit, non Af-ter that mo - ment fond will die > pic’ chie-do, non chie glad-ly, die glad ah cie- lo, si pud, si pud mo - Ant Af-ter ‘that mo - ment —— a di pli non chie-do, non chie Twill die glad-ly, die glad a 16363