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Katy Espich
EDUC 121-Child and Adolescent Development
Mrs. Deardorf


Vygotsky is a well-known theorist. You may think to yourself why he is

so well-known. Vygotsky came up with three concepts that are likely to be

remembered by you and me. The concepts are zone proximal of

development, scafolding, and private speech. Vygotsky believes that young
children are curious and actively in their own learning and development of
the new world. Vygotsky believed strongly that community plays a big role in
childrens development.
Have you heard of Piaget? Vygotsky developed his theories right
around when Piaget started developing his ideas. Unfortunately Vygotsky
theories were incomplete because he died at such an early age. As of today
they are still translating his theories from Russian. Piaget and Vygotsky were
similar in the way they think. A big diference in their theories was that
Vygotsky placed emphasis on culturel afecting and shaping cognitive
development. Piaget thought language depends on the childrens
development. Piaget and Vygotsky had their diferences. You may hear more
of Piaget because he was able to finish his theories. Vygotsky is still a wellknown man even though he died at the age of 37. Vygotsky will never be
The first concept is zone proximal development. Zone proximal
development is the theory that states what a child can do with assistance
and without assistance. For example, Kelly was working on math problems.
She can do her math homework well, but she needed someone to push her in
the right direction. She can do well on her own but a lot better with
assistance. A boarder definition would be that the diference between the

level the child can achieve without help and the higher level of performance
that is possible when working with skilled people. This theory fits well under
Vygotsky idea that social settings and only gradually comes under the childs
independent control. The second concept comes from how the shift from
social to individual learning.
The second concept would be scafolding. You become very lucky when
you have a teacher that is willing to work with you one on so you can master
your skills. Scafolding is a learning style that matches the amount of
assistance to the learners needs. When you first start in a new classroom,
the teacher has no clue how you learn. Once that teacher gets a feel of your
learning style, he or she can give you instruction then let you finish your
work on your own. That is one way how a teacher can use scafolding in
his/her classroom. Do you think parents scafold their childs learning?
Scafolding can play a big role in that childs learning.
The last concept is private speech. Private speech is comments that
are not directed to other children but is intended to help children regulate
their own behavior. Vygotsky viewed private speech as a step toward selfregulation of cognitive skills. Once a child first starts out he or she will talk a
lot about whatever goes through their head. Once the child gains evergreater skill, private speech becomes inner speech. Children use a lot of
private speech when that child helps them control their behavior. You will see
that children using private speech on more difficult tasks and on a mistake

after a correct response. Vygotsky believes that childrens learning is really

important. The three concepts are the main theories Vygotsky came up with
in the school environment and even at your home.
Vygotsky, a Russian Theorist, saw development become more
advanced when children are learning by other skilled peers and older people.
Childrens development is never stable; its always rapidly progressing. When
a child is progressing, he/she progressed faster by walking hand in hand with
a skilled individual. Children need to learn how to master the tool of the
mind. Before they master these tools, they are not making wise decisions;
the environment plays a big role in their development. Once they gain
control of these tools, they now become in charge of their own learning.
Vygotsky is a very smart theorist. I actually agree with him. I do feel
that children learn more when they are working with a skilled peer or an
adult. You learn a lot from older people. I agree with Vygotsky in that the
environment does play a big role in childrens development before they have
matured. Overall Vygotsky feels that learning is all about developing through
the environment and other people.

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