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Human Trafficking

600,000 migrant workers are subject to forced labor and exploitation.

Consisted of working labor and sexual labor.
Human trafficking can only be effectively tackled by addressing the systemic gaps in

labor migration governance across the region

In 2008, the Anti-Human Trafficking Law was issued and placed under the jurisdiction of

the Ministry of Justice.

The unit, which is funded from the Labour Ministry budget, is staffed by specialised

police officers and civilian inspectors.

The unit, which is working to build a shelter for victims of human trafficking, has been

training employers and civil society activists.

So far, the unit has received 25 complaints. Some of which were referred to courts.


Women from the former Soviet Union and China are still being trafficked
across the border with Egypt into Israel for forced prostitution by organized

criminal groups.
it had made significant efforts to do so, with law enforcement, police activity
against traffickers, and the provision of assistance and shelter to victims of

sex trafficking.
the Israeli government gave US$1.25 million to a local NGO, Maagan, which
provides shelter to foreign victims of sex trafficking. The funds were used for
rent, utility bills, security and medical care.

The number of victims each year is 21 million




Some employers file false counter-claims against foreign workers for theft,
witchcraft, and adultery in retaliation for workers' claims of abuse, as a result,
in many cases, the workers rather than the employers are punished, which

discourages workers from reporting abuse.

Saudi Arabia is also accused of failing to take action to reduce the demand for
prostitution or child sex tourism by Saudi nationals or even to acknowledge
"that trafficking for commercial sexual exploitation was a problem affecting

the kingdom".
Yemen, for example constant turmoil and the limited capabilities of
government make prevention difficult.