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Adolf Hitler, one of the greatest orators of his age was ruthless at the same time.

His name goes

down in history as one of the most dreaded tyrant. His actions have been brought in much
misfortune to the world.
On his birthday, we present the 10 most interesting facts about Hitler you probably did not knew.

At the age of four years, Hitler was saved from drowning by a priest

Hitler suffered from chronic Flatulence and took 28 different drugs to fight it. He did not
let his sickness come between his dream though; conquer the world!

Hitler was not very god with the concept of romance, as we know that his first love was
a Jewish girl. He never spoke to her because he lacked the courage

Hitler led the first ever anti-smoking campaign in modern history

During the First World War, a British soldier spared the life of a wounded German. That
wounded soldier happened to be Adolf Hitler

Hitler was a vegetarian and created vegan laws and laws against animal cruelty

There was a Jewish doctor who did not charge any fees from Hitler's family due to their
economic adversity. Hitler referred to him as a 'Noble Jew'

Hitler was not granted admission by an art school

Hitler had a sweet tooth. He loved sweets and preferred them the most

Hitler had a deadly cocaine habit. He took it with the help of inhalers, twice a day, and
also used cocaine eye drops