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Nanotechnology is the greatest human invention, in my opinion. As

you should know nanotechnology is the manipulation of matter on
an atomic, molecular and supramolecular scale. In simple words,it
changes the whole structure of the material. I totally agree that
nanotechnology will change our lives, for some reasons.
Firstly, in the medicine field.The real doctors would not longer exist
because every single kind of ill will be discovered and cured by this
advanced technology, also including here the most dangerous ones
such as : cancer, Aids or even diabetic people.
Secondly, every single damage of our ecosystem will be recovered.
We are talking here for : the ozone layer, global heating, smog that
is caused by old cars and factories, fires etc. Also for the water
pollution in our world, that will be safe to be drunk.
All in all, nanotechnology will improve our quality of life and all
damaged cause by human race in years. But, how long should we
wait for nanotechnology to be with us, in our lives
and to help anyone whos in danger ? This is the main question of
the moment...