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This social work portfolio satisfies a major requirement for the Bachelor of Social Work degree
at Wayne State University School of Social Work. It is evident this portfolio displays the extent
of knowledge I have gained in the BSW program. I believe the documents reveal an accurate
reflection of the skills required to work as a professional social worker in the child welfare
I have included my current resume, a personal statement, learning products, summary and
appendix, and a contact tab. The personal statement explains the competencies I attained from
the BSW courses. The learning products are divided into four semesters of the courses I attended
the social work program. Each learning product section contain papers written for courses in the
BSW program and my personal reflection of the competencies I learned from writing the papers.
The resume, personal statement, competency reflections and papers I have written have been
upload for immediate viewing. I have also included a .doc link for all of the document if you
would like to open the document in Microsoft Office Word Program. The final section, Summary
and Appendixes contains a summary of the portfolio, in addition to field placement evaluations,
three letters of reference, my personal learning goals, three certificates, and my transcript. To
view the additional documents under the learning products and summary and appendix sections
please hover of the tab and the subsections will appear to allow you access to them.