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Playtime Learning


Playtime, Learning Through the Arts

Patricia Rollins
EDU 417 Cognitive Studies Capstone
Instructor: Maureen Lienau
April 13, 2015

Playtime Learning


Having the arts embedded in the classroom benefits the curriculum because it allows the
students to experience learning rather than just being taught in a seated position for 45 minutes to
an hour. All of the students senses are engaged, the arts help to wire their brain for successful
learning. Through songs, rhymes, drawings and finger paintings the cognitive area of the brain,
which is the cerebellum, is developed. Included in the arts, should be dancing and lots of
movement, these areas enhance the students emotional well-being (Fisher, 2008).
Schools should view teaching the arts as an obligation rather than being optional.
Throughout a persons lifetime learning the arts provides a higher quality of human experience
(Fisher, 2008).
Most things that young children do as play such as singing drawing and dancing are considered
natural forms of art. These art activities should be enhanced as the student enters the classroom.
In the field in which I work, which is counseling I often challenge juveniles to broaden
their perspective about their situation therefore, using their cognitive skills which encourages
them to develop and expand their problem solving abilities. The juveniles often realize that after
talking and thinking about a particular situation, that there are several ways to solve a problem.
According to the age of the group that I may be working with, the juveniles are asked to make
certain decisions about goals and how to reach them. They are asked to explore different avenues
to reach that goal. Since I work with juveniles between the ages of 12-17, I dont push them to
make choices of that of someone older, but the best choice for someone their age.
Through the world of poetry, I describe the effects of heroin, from start to finish by
reading a poem titled Take me In Your Arms. The poem describes the different challenges and
struggles that a person goes through when using heroin. The juveniles are allowed to draw what
they see in their mind eye as I read the poem and then explain their picture to the group.

Playtime Learning


Using the arts, especially those that are considered natural can prove to be
beneficial to the students learning and their understanding of a subject. The arts can be used with
those students with deficits as well as those that do not. As the teacher, recognizing where the
student is and knowing where you are trying to get them to go is very important. Once a teacher
understands the students and what level they are on, it will make choosing a path a little bit

Playtime Learning


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