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Observation Task 3: Mapping Environments: The Learning

Focus: The learning environment.
Student teachers will observe how the classroom is organized and the different
interaction patterns in the classroom. They will observe the environment and the
resources available to facilitate teaching and learning.
For student teachers to map the learning environment that exists in the classroom
including the layout of the seated area and learning centers.


Make a sketch of the classroom and identify the function of each area.

Draw a map of the learning environment within the classroom and list the functions of
each of the activity areas. If possible take photographs of the classroom including
displays on the wall.



Water area

Washing art equipment/organizing art activities


Reading stories

Wash area

Wash their hands before and after they eat


Listen to the teacher


Group work

Playing area

Educational games

*Add rows as required

Things to consider:
Think about why the classroom layout is organized as it is.
Ask your MST why the desk/tables are arranged as they are and the function of
each area of the classroom. Because they are children and they should set as
Give examples of activities you observed and the way in which the classroom
organization makes these activities accessible. Consider ease of movement
within the learning environment. Singing and dancing / Reading stories /
painting and drawing
How and where are materials stored in the classroom? Do the children/learners
need to be able to get and put materials away? In the locker / yes .
Where does the teacher have her table/papers/materials? Inside the cabinet

Based on your observations and discussions, summarize what you have observed. Use
descriptive vocabulary to clearly explain the learning environment in your class.
The classroom has a profound effect on the feelings and actions of the children,
their families, and the teachers. Children organize their world through the
environment we provide. Now I will explain the environmental design in the
classroom. Actually, we have different areas in the classroom such as, washing
area they use it twice a day, before and after they eat. Also, there is a small
carpet where they set there together for reading stories. In addition, they have a
cabinet that is divided from inside for their toys, every morning before they start
their classes they play until all the children arrive.

This week, your reflection will be in a different style than the past two weeks.
Please base your reflection on the points below. Be sure to actually reflect (think
deeply about) the importance of the learning environment.
Are there areas in the class that encourage independent learning? Give some
examples. Why are these areas important? Playing area / they can play
educational games. For example, alphabet activity.
The idea of learners being active learners. Discuss how the classroom
organization facilitates activities for the learners. They division the areas.
Think about classrooms you have been in in the past. Were there any that were
more comfortable than others? Yes, because everything now is easy and
Why is being comfortable in the classroom an important part of learning? The
peaceful environments for children is very important because if they are
comfortable in the class room they will learn more and they will care about
teaching more. Also, children feel secure in their environment, teachers Are
able to actively observe or help children broaden ideas.