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"CPW 0 SONGS gem SUNGS Contents All You Get From Love Is A Love Song They Long To Be) Close To You For All We Know Goodbye To Love Hurting Each Other Just Fall In Love Again | Need To Be In Love | Won't Last A Day Without You Make Believe It’s Your First Only Yesterday Rainy Days And Mondays Solitaire A Song For You. Superst This Masquerade Top Of The World. We've Only Just Begun When | Fall In Love Where Do | Go From Here? Yesterday Once More You're The One Bonus Song: Karen's Theme 10 20 26 80 76 98 103 Karen’s Theme Composed by RICHARD CARPENTER Slowly, with expression J = 76 oy UF BF simile GT ¢ BYC OC Kage'sTiene-3-1 (©1998 ALMO MUSIC CORP and HAMMER & NAILS MUSIC (ASCAP) ‘ligne Reserved