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I, ____________________________________, recognize and accept my fundamental
responsibility as member of the Philippine National Police, of enforcing laws;
preventing and solving crimes; and maintaining public safety and internal
security; and be an active part in the proper implementation of the PNP
P.A.T.R.O.L. Plan 2030 for the attainment of the PNPs vision to become a
highly capable, effective and credible police service.
I recognize that the hard work and sacrifices of our predecessors in building a
professional police organization is being challenged in this era of perceived
lack of integrity tarnishing the good image of the institution, slowly eroding
the trust and confidence of the people and communities we have sworn to
serve and protect, and interfere with our continuing effort to attain real and
lasting transformation.
Things change when people change. And so today, I hereby commit myself to
spark an Integrity Revolution because I know that integrity matters more
than ever to the Almighty; to Me; to my Family; to our organization - the
Philippine National Police; to our beloved country the Philippines; and to the
well-being of my fellowmen.
With these I pledge:
1. To strictly adhere to the established PNP Ethical Doctrine and Code of
Professional Conduct and Ethical Standards and conscientiously practice
the concepts of honesty, integrity, and professionalism in the delivery of
police service;
2. To display integrity and professionalism in all my dealings throughout my
career as a Police Officer living the PNP Core Values: Maka-Diyos, MakaBayan, Maka-Tao and Maka-Kalikasan;
3. To report without delay to appropriate authorities, within and outside the
organization, and never tolerate corrupt practices in any form committed
by co-workers, subordinates, supervisors, managers, suppliers, or anyone
dealing with the PNP;
4. To always act for the good of everybody and put the interest of the
organization above personal interest;
5. To actively participate in the creation of key measures, control mechanisms
and activities to ensure transparency, integrity and ethical practices as
part and parcel of our personal balanced scorecards;
6. To act as custodian and fully utilize all PNP resources under my care only for
the accomplishment of the PNPs mission;
7. To always make positive difference and help promote the good image of the
PNP at all times and in all places; and,
8. To live each day as an exemplar of a responsible, decent, moral and
professional Philippine National Police personnel.
So help me God!