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170 Sir Duke = ar Am? Mu-sic is a world with - in it - self with a A’7 G7 c Am7 lan- guage we all un- der- stand With an e- qual op- por - tu-ni- ty— for all to a'r G7 oF*7 b, echore| 7 ET EF D7 ‘sing, dance and clap thelr hands. but just be = cause a rewcord has a groove— don’t E'7 Ey OFT F7 E7 EY? D7 make it im the groove but you can tel right away ae let = ter A when the + e°7E7 F7 F*7G7 ¢ [chorus] Fent Fa Ez > peo- ple start to move ‘They can feel it all 0 = ver they can feel ie all ’ Dm? on ¢ Fim? FA EZ = Ez o- ver peo ple They can feel it all 0 = ver They can feel it all Dm? Gm [interlude ]N-C poo ple, Gol 2 Copan Jbete Music Coe Black Bll Mi re ‘yeh mad itor ind EA Mane Pabising Sanaa AB iid m VERSE 2 - CHORUS - CHORUS - {TERLUDE - CHORUS - CHORUS - INTERLUDE Rhythm example F7 €7 €°7 D7 | Eby E7 F7 (chorus VERSE 2: Music knows It is and always will eons of the things that lfe just won't quit but here are some of music's pionaers that time willnot allow us to forget for there's Basie, Miller Satchmo and che king of al Sir Duke and with a voice like Ella's ringing out. ‘there's no way the band can love