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BENEDICT, 40, and REGINALD, 42, stand on a gold course, with clubs in hand. Reginald is teaching Benedict how to play golf.

REGINALD Drop it low, put it in the dirt.

Benedict bends down and places the tee into the ground, placing the ball on top.

Reginald stares at Benedict’s buttocks as he bends over.

REGINALD (CONT’D) (to himself) The booty so smooth, can’t believe it’s not butter.

Benedict stands back up and prepares himself. He swings the club, and misses the ball.

Fuck me!


Reginald pats him on the shoulder.


Baby baby


go down, turn and

flick it.

Reginald demonstrates this method, hitting his ball far into the distance. Benedict prepares himself again, staring at his gold ball intently.

BENEDICT (to himself, quietly) Wind, go down, turn and flick it.

Benedict practices. He winds, goes down, turns and pretends to flick the ball. Now with confidence, he looks at Reginald and says:

BENEDICT (CONT’D) I ain’t Snoop Dogg, but I’mma drop it like it’s hot.

Benedict winds, goes down, turns and hits the ball, sending it soaring to the distant green. Reginald smiles. Benedict is ecstatic

BENEDICT (CONT’D) Nipple tit clit licker!