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Analaiza scriiturii

Retras, ia decizii logice, degrevate de emotionalitate

Leftward Slant: 60 to 70% of the strokes will end up at an angle to the left of 90 degrees.
People with this trait may have a hard time expressing their feelings and connecting with
other people. There is a lack of trust.

Persoana impulsiva, nevoie de afectiune

Right Slant: A heart ruled person. They will be impulsive and let their emotions rule their life
more so than the emotionally withdrawn person (leftward slant).

Concentration: Very intense, focused individuals, (Engineers, fighter pilots, scientists). The
tiny writing will sometimes confuse the analysis based on the slant. There are traits that will
offset other traits and diminish the meaning, even though it is still accurate.

Ambivert: Middle of the road. Not an introvert or extrovert. This person relates to both left &
right slants. They will be more conservative in a lot of their decisions.

. Slant in Handwriting

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