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, ‘Sekolah Menengah Sri KDU® a Registration Form = (Ravued 4149204) Procedures for Registration 1 Regitaton into Sekolah Menengah Sri KOUS is ona rs-come-rst-served bass and is subject lo approval andthe avaabity of paces. 2. Completa al sactons in the Regtraton Fotm in BLOCK LETTERS. The application wi be rocessed ony upon receipt of complete and acura disclosure of formation in the following sectons, Section A Student Detais Secon 8: Dols of Parens.ogal Guordans Section: Sings) Details ‘Section: Academic History ‘Section: Foe Payment (ling Porson) Section: Emergency Conact ‘Section G_ : Declaration and Acceptance by ParentLogal Guardian ‘Seston H_ : Medea Motor and Special Noods 3. Submit te Registation Form together wih suppring oouments and a pon seundable and non ranserable Registration Fe of RMEOO fo the Adminstration Office for processing. 4. aymont can be made by chor one ofthe folowing mados 2. Cash 1. Major eri card (Vion MasterCard) © Croseod cheque &. Bank cra payable lo KOU Smart School Sd. Bhd, ©, Postalimoney ardor ESSE SSE ‘Malasian Applicant Intemational Anoicant ‘One copy of Binh Certtcate& MyKAD (One cony of Passport (whole 00K) ‘Four recent passpot-szed photographs Four recent passportszed photographs (One copy of each parent's MyKAD / (One copy ofeach parent's MYKAD |Passprt (age en particulars ony) Passport (page on paricutrs only) (One copy of each parent's Business Card (One copy ofeach paren’ Business Card [One certified copy of shoal routs (One centiod copy of scheo! resus (ransleted i English) LUPSR/PMR/ Scheel Examination Transoate LUPSR/ PUR / Schoo! Examination Tranecrinte rite cquvaont actual tal /foracostresut) ort equivalent ctl ral / forecast resi) te Pease tn oveet for Guiles cn Ent Reqaromen's Soca oer KOUS (Ne Pers Pentar SEAN No.7, Jan Tai 2 fala anne, 720 Dawah Peso, Snape Tolsebtsis oon Foxcec0c%eS 8 Ea omataresimy URL: mweacaductsy mae ‘Sekolah Menengah Sri KDU® Registration Form Oa a rica Epes) (Ravan 1A 200 ‘Agen calendar Year Provan rein eaten wy oreatenen iran Syearaatecran pa sinus cr 60% CORE jt ean et sorters Tiina UPS Gade oreo ew sorcunwesrgean ow Sx one etangec a) acon lease saa Peraan)-@ ssyeonot nies sya Posh -B act ves sts ern Lrgge- A toe Pertar 8 ess Itherecce a onaoge A ISoece 8 hshenacek cae fsnesa Gra Porahana)-B essa Peta Ga UPS Gas rain imam OPT Ces a fon sekcehooengana frm exon est otngsoo (he) saes inves Poranona)-8 Jonna VaayoePonaza)-® [sara ays Pemahaar-B eed |Engish Language -A [Bahasa Malaysia (Penuiisan) are fbemas | nmsrtaaroe Secontary 2 stone jrorenaice=A ‘eyearso¢ Swe: snes Gra Ponahama)- fess ora romana cay iene ‘nun co 6 CORE sated Sema Aesop apa rm Pil of Sah Meregah BH ROU™ yaaa Fsconioy Baron ronan fers enor Jura sexe 60% CORE tet econo tt semestests lcvasneconsuncee Isa aes Soa Pape [ee eug Enn aginst. Scarce na secanday 4 rorakentiasy a tepemnas fae | Stor ofr aces —— |Miramum Grades for Sub-Science Packs [ereearing none) [ae rena Engle anguge. Nanas an Sleoe: os | Ss oer ss Fiero Grads nos Page [Saco tor at eos Semen Aeon Ff wt approval rm Princ of Seo Meengah SA ROUT Teena “Terms ae Conatons of Encimant 4. Aliguidtines on entry requirements are subject to change. 2 Te above provide quceines fer region bu meeting these requirements alone does not guarantee enrlment into Sekolah Menongah Sil KOU®, 43. Alregitvatons forall levels shal be subject to approval bythe Principal. 4 Alragitvatons fr examination year ae sujet to approval by the Management noe th {6 2 Sekolah Monengah Sri KDUS stucent, ul payment of the fling fee should be mado othe Schoo before the camencement a the semester 2) Foe Deposit 2) rary Deposit ©) Tubon Fee pcan is offered a place at tne School, ho / sh wilbe scued an Acceptance Leto. To fuly anol your eld! ward Seka Hernan &KOUS Na aah Pein BGA Ne 7. Tec Kala ans, 7819036 Peg, alge Tet eosatssoue fan e0-645855 Eo! Woguthduccumy URL mwn sth eduny ‘Sekolah Menengah Sri KDU® Registration Form (toro sh) ccc ‘Atach Peto Po sN (Pou oper tess pongo sees) Fw Dale of Rogier my col earl Admission ee ee ESSER The FatlName (apart Pepe) ith Cortfesta/ Paster No onder ute Birth mn TP nary pace te race (current Home Adress ory Town state Posteode Home Phone No z Nii Phone No, mali Aaseess Naling /Bilig Adress (dows temo hess) oy Town state Postcode “aeesttamus Formontes ste fet nempmaedsny URL swwesbsadeny ang ‘Sekolah Menengah Sri KDU® Registration Form (eri en) FOR LEGAL GUAROIAN(S| PLEASE ATTACH SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS TO SHOW CUSTODY OF THE APPLICANT Father (Legal Guardient ep Cuaron este de wi An Personal Data Tile Ful Name area Pap) Lc. Pespot contr On of th a oon ot8irh ace — Ratigion ce Phone No : porsnal rat Assess Werk Dt (atch a busin cxzgaton Desgnaon Conan Nae feo naen cy Town rostote se omy eo Phone No . ofc E mat Atos Motner/ tena cuneane ap Coma re a ang id Persona ee Tie I Futtome I (arpa Pest) \e.rPmspo No Contr Date Bhs [ooo eteety Pace tit nace eer ieee ote Prono ne : Prorat a oss Work ta tach abues aa) xrgaten Destin cameo Hane oe naseas oy Tew roscoe te connuy ote Prone No : fe mi ass ‘etn lone 000 Fan Pena BGM) Ny, ah Te, He anon, aH0 Ob Pai, Sr "el t36tesi00 Faxes tsa Eat gnohmy URC means santa ‘Sekolah Menengah Sri KDU® Registration Form ot e206 MESSE EET Name of Siting Date of Bith Gender Level ERIE Full Name of Schoo! Highest Level ooh (please incicate which town and stte) Completed Year Primary ‘Secondary Please tick one ator ones overs Others" is selected, please complete the following: ‘ie Name Mating Adress ote Prone No ‘Home Phone No. I | fea Phone io, Ft I nai [ I Relationship wih Applicant CLI ERECT Pease tick one [rote wore | lobar W othr slate, plat compete the oon: Tie Name Mobile Phore No. Home Phone No, fe Phone No Fextio. mat Relatonship wih Applicant ‘Selah Meant x.099 No Pan Pn AOI) Nao Te 2% Kl Dorr 80 Oh Para Sg "cvoboets aie resis an Eon wowkt chon) URL ews em sii ‘Sekolah Menengah Sri KDU® Registration Form aE data elon KOU ost te cans ent malonate pd a Sng ney Ps ‘Separatn Foo" Fee eps | uy Ort me re Sst fect HOU npr wo hes a th Eny Pee a Sal ee yb a aie ay est [i Renaraton fe tty polo gon ig acon ns atin ecard whe Sek mee |2 epee oa 27 Gross ears ne Fe Dupont ans nny Cece 2° Soames yar ent she sos her payne as he don ‘scr ater beset sete he gona esis fag i 2 pnw mre ag Tey hoe be marines ghee ct ese yo an aa eo 24 Gay eee te as tae Seca este lt rs mt of aon onde reo |, mneatnaha sit cungoySenuter ie er 57" ic etgandan nde © opty ay a a a etabin onh ec hc ch wc yr ato commerce ‘at sanai He progr ots sey ae, yao pace te ght Sos aes he eee te Sool eur a ei ne oy nay she. Seon ee ope (spt mst f chon Fens i sped won corns of oe eave, Sas cae te wal eh Sed foes ‘Sow ats oes tet witha exameston athe cenfes sl ors oa ch dg ssh wer peymet uninspired en ie pvt 2 Gens ber ttn Seles mut bapa an tacts thse alot ene wanyaherenaes me 23, yen tee can be made cath, by Gal cad costed cheqats mace payte 2 ROU SMART SCHOOL SON BHO, Spice cad {Sine ton bamtotpn Mando Cay ved or eurays Sano mel Puccnaung ne Orme Cor 134 Thess enesie ae ec he sat Smaak wel names tar an Atco ST "nie ne anette rol ne stn ater pneg he apn Ol brea in en ge ‘ore to ae concent ab sea se EF tay era oth Omens, tei tame mabe smi Ev hace cre susan Sad tae ny ceva Rp ie i mara ee {ef seat 212 Sdater multe ly pastor be (nose wel ace el pens tater esc aan host Sonat ihe hanna pea) pte so che oe wae YS aubiar nse eneeaerecrieee mea een Stason oem ate eeyare erga SIRO hana Se zs Hy ae me rataay SEE eet lore mtr gars __enntrg tr seaman vex o_ nanby sere tat romatin gent emla acetate antcnstre ot hy eee ete my ean pom Ain kane shove acon fr he boinc vr a Masa Sa KOU. ud tno ms ly nar tds ne edn Sh Mao 85 KOUB a ent chon took nt ath sed Ca one aa ea “ob Mere EUKEUE Pra ent COA Nona Teo 2, Kn Devaar, 188 oe Pt Sg Ter eI8515 358 Fx 801588 Ema fear UR ws nay (evn hon 2) sana @ ‘Sekolah Menengah Sri KDU® Registration Form (Pot i 2) [SECTION H - MEDICAL HISTORY & SPECIAL NEEDS ten ei nin a ae : ener. tn. me) song dol inp ero pa ety ego pase sven apa) ges 0 Mave ei et na ure yn ve ety ie [otc wu we meses to emote te Scapa he Regen coed mad Sc [soa rate tena et ng Sn, Anon Det Or (ADD) Au ee hyp any tha eer tena mt ame se cg 2c mam 400 Fons 0 an p00 ton Fay >= opis Hn einy © tere Hype J Opoue Lew Fray rer oe sey lease tesa be ae esenes nrg ouanaae Fa saon nen sed wha sa cence Obese cota ee ton ob sede tare aor sate The Sen se eaeos bo oman cue fees str et wae sped personal tion fon py acs wn coy a enn tea the So bnzera stato teaver cto athe uote wb pote cg be tec sn yen os nem ntl ry mel een ae ede cit ret gen etree heshosieay wld |szenaaca sere sar eee ane reo oss sco sl Ul bel ezrase fay massa ensoan scars Soot xray man acer eee esi ni AscyPet dar are er . cos lore meters ct ering or Secrday___ tert cen howe on uted Sr ae Rey ee ttl be yee lennon adroit tists not ny Sectmaton pacy fh S il baad othe aly lhe ch ohande ihe etc ‘Seah Hann 8K lo Festi Pet BADD NDZ nn Tit Ceres 70 eh Peg Seg “a: eapeteae Far ‘oorees 098 mons) ows ny saa ‘Sekolah Menengah Sri KOU® Registration Form ed 24) ‘Marketing Department Counted by choc Myson Apoteant (Ono copy of student's Binh Cristo (One copy of stucent's MAD Four recent pasepertsizd phtegraphs ‘One copy ofeach parents NyKAD Passport (page on partestars cry) (One copy of ea parents Business Card (ne cated copy of most econ fl hoa report Romar: Registry Department Date Student Rogisired Rediness Test DateTime: ‘Aetlcaon Processed by Remar: Bursary Department Resistation Foo Coected by 1 Depost Coected ty Remarks {ntemnationl Acocont ‘One copy cf sidente Passat (tole Book) Four recent passpor sized photographs ‘One copy of aah parents NyKAD / Psspet (sage an partuiars ony) ‘One copy teach parents Businoss Caré ‘One ceed copy of most recent fl school epert Date Recelpt No. Date Receipt No. Se eC on CHESS alway URL menekaveany Ne td SMART SCHOOL KDU Smart School Sdn Bhd Sti KDU"Schools Lot3,5 & 7 Jalan Teknologi 2/1 Tol :03-6145 3688 Kota Damansara Fax: 03-6156 9011 47810 Daerah Potaling Email: info@srikdu.edumy Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia Website: www (586964 -A) PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION NOTICE AND CHOICE PRINCIPLE NOTIFICATION AND CONSENT Pursuant to sections 7 and 6, respectively, of the Porsonal Data Protection Act 2010, EDUCATION DIVISION 1. Collection and Processing of Personal Data We hereby inform you that we, Paramount Education Division Group which i limited to the following: 0 w (iii) 7) Ww) KDU College (PG) Sdn Bhd; KDU Smart School Sdn Bhd; KDU University College Sdn Bhd; KDU Collage (PJ) Sdn Bhd; and KOU Management Development Centre Sdn Bhd, being the respective Paramount Corporation Berhad's related corporations (as the term is defined in the Companies Act 1965), affliates, and associated companies (whether or not controlled by us) ("Company’, "we", “our” or us") as data user, as the term is defined in the Personal Data Protection Act 2010, have or will collect, record, hold, store, use, disclose and/or process (collectively referred to as "Proce ) one, oF all of the following categories and / or types of personal information about you: (a) tb) () @ Sekolah $11 KOU" (Rendah & Menongah) SaaS ‘Mafayrin Heats, Globe Minds ‘® PARRINODNT comonsnon cours master data: name, gender, date of birth, citizenship, marital status, nationalily, race, ethnic origin, identification card / passport details, qualifications, occupation, employer, former employer(s), photographs or other images, and voice recordings, student identification number, alumni records, university electoral rolls, examination result transcripts, participation in officially recognized activites and sports, weight and height of members of athletic teams, dates of attendance, enrolment status (including active, inactive, fulltime, parttime, not enrolled), degrees (pending and received), awards or honors received, the most recent previous educational institution attended; contact details: home address and billing address, home phone number and mobile number, email address, work address, work number, emergency contact details, parents and / or guardian detai compensation information: such as amount, currency, number of payments per year, bbank account details, income range, details of applicable scholership and compensation plans, types of student loans and / or loans applicable to educational purposes; any such information as we deem necessary or appropriate from time to time in ‘connection with your commercial relationship with us. (collectively, “Personal Data’). We may also Process some or all of the following types of sensitive information about you pertaining to your enrolment with us: () religious or similar beliefs; (i) political opinions; (ii) heath condition; and / or (iv) the commission of crimes, allegations thereof and / or convictions, (collectively together with (a)(d) above, "Personal Data") To the extent that you wilfuly and voluntarily disclose to us any personal information whether or ‘not coming within the definition of Personal Data above, of any another individual, we shall assume, without independent verification, that you have obtained such individual's consent for the disclosure as well as the Processing of the same in accordance with the terms of this notification, 2 Sources of Information Your Personal Data has and / or will be obtained from the following sources, where applicable, of such other sources which we may see fi from time to time: (a) _ information provided or submitted by you through, among others, es applicable, Student Profile Form, Enquiry Form, Waiting List Form, Marketing Events Form, Credit Card Authorisation Form, Car Sticker Form, School Events / Trips Form, Parent Consent Forms, Withdrawal Form, Visitor Management System, Data Form, Student Application / Registration Form, Scholarship Form, Survey Form and the Online Form; {b) from your usage of our website and any other information you post on our website, email or otherwise send to us; (c) a8 applicable, publicly available or publicly accessible information; and (@) such other written or verbal communications or documents delivered to us prior to and. during the course of our contractual or pre-contractual dealings with you. ‘As the accuracy of your Personal Data depends largely on the information you provide to us, kindly inform us as soon as practicable if there are any errors in your Personal Data or if there hhave been any changes to your Personal Data, 3. Purpose of Processing Personal Data We will Process the Personal Data that you have provided to us for the following purposes, where and if applicable, including but not limited to: Purpose A (@) the delivery of relevant notices, services or products to you; (©) in order for you to enrol and Jor register yourself or your child and / or ward in courses offered by (¢) in order for us to manage and / or process your or your child's and / or ward's course application; (@) in order to process scholarship applications pertaining to your or your child's and / or ward's enrollment with us; {e) _tonolify you of changes in our services and offerings, if any; ‘Sekolah Sr KOU? (Renda & Menon) Si KOU" International Schoo din tes Gat Min + DARRIODT corrosion coum ‘rons tando RERE COM (to enable us to supply you with the services and information which you have requested; (G) _user and for student relationship management procedures; (h) those purposes specifically provided for in any particular service offered by us; (i) background checks of users and / or studenis as we may determine to be necessary or appropriate; (our internal record Keeping; (K) forintemel auditing purposes; () collection of outstanding payments and / or fees from students and / or their parents or ‘guardians; (mm) prevention of crime including but not limited to fraud, money-laundering, bribery; (0) meeting any legal or regulatory requirements relating to our provision of services and to ‘make disclosure under the requirements of any applicable lav, regulation, direction, cour ‘order, by-law, guideline, circular, code applicable tous or any of our member companies; (0) conducting marketing and student profiling activilias in connection with our services and related products; {p) for research, benchmarking, and statistical analysis purposes to develop and evaluate ‘education policios and strategies; (a) inorder to coordinate lesson planning and support for individual students; () to enable us to interrogate tests and examination results in order to identily the strength and weaknesses of students; (5) toassess special education needs students may have; (1) feedback and enquiry purposes in relation to the services offered by us; and / or Purpos to enable us and / or our selected authorised third parties to send you information by e-mail, telecommunication (telephone calls and text messages) or via social media concerning related and unrelated services offered by us and our efiiated business partners which may include but is ‘ot limited to enrolment related events, surveys andior special programmesicoursesievents, Promotional materials, brochures which we consider will or may interest you, 4. Storage and Security We store your Personal Data in hard and/or soft copy. Soft copy data Is stored on, amongst ‘others, the file server, e-mail server, personal computers, notebooks, tapes and compact disc. There are corporate security policies and procedures in place which among others confines ‘access to your Personal Data to authorised personnel only on a strictly “need to know’ basis to the relevant and / or applicable department such as the Academic, Registry (Library, Student Records Office, Security, Exam) Administration, Financo/Bursary, IMC, Student Services, Business Support Services, Academic & Bursary, Business Development, Finance, Examination, Quality Assurance, Intemational Office, Student Alumni Centre, Procurement, Information ‘System, Library, Teaching & Learning Centre, Accommodation, Facilities & Maintenance, Post Graduate and Research Centre, and Human Resource departments. We may retain the Personal Data and that of other individuals that you provide to us for a reasonable period in accordance with commercial requirements and at all times subject to prevailing legal requirements, ‘Sekolah Sx KOU Rendah & Monongah) S11 KOU"International Schoo! ‘alin Harts Glob nd + DARAIOVHT comoearoncousner Teoavws anion: nent snow 5. Disclosure Personal Data provided to us will, generally, be kept confidential but you hereby consent and. authorise us to provide and / or disclose your Personal Data to the following categories of parties: (a) any person to whom we are compelled or required to do so under law or in response to a legitimate instruction from a competent or government agency; {b) pursuant to an order of a court of competent jurisdiction; (c) to any scholarship and / or student loan providers, erganisalions and or institutions, in relation to the enrollment of students pertaining to the courses offered by us; (4) any related companies and subsidiaries of Paramount Corporation Berhad, including those established in the future, (e) where applicable, third parties who provide related services or products in connection with our business such as insurance agencies/insurers, university partners, PTPTN, MOE, SOCSO, EPF, outsourced external enrichment and co-curricular programme Providers, travel agencies / operators, external examination boards, and external school- Contracted operator (government agencias, statutory authorities and industry regulators; (a) our external auditors, consultants, accountants, lawyers or other financial or professional advisers; {h) student testimonial and academic results to facilitate the transfer of students to other ‘educational institutions or for scholarship applications; () our sub-contractors or third party service or product providers as may determine to be necessary or appropriate. Rest assured that consistent with the law, we will only disclose the minimum amount of information which we deem necessary for the purpose and that we will take all appropriate ‘safeguards to ensure the integrity and security of the personal data, 6 Safeguards We shall keep and process your data in a secure manner. We wil take all reasonable steps to ensure that such information is Kept confidential. We will not sell, rent or trade your Personal Data. We shall at all times implement the legally mandated and J or appropriate administrative {and security safeguards and procedures in accordance withthe applicable laws and regulations in order to prevent the unauthorised or uniawiul processing of your Personal Oata and the accidental loss or destruction of, or damage to, your Personal Data Data Transfer &Sharing In addition, you will appreciate that the nature of our products and services are such that it may be necessary, where we consider it appropriate, for the purposes of data storage or processing oF ‘any service or product on our behalf to you, to transfer your Personal Data to our affiliates and / or associated companies and/or third party service or product providers within or ‘outside the country in which we are established, under conditions of confidentiality and similar levels of safeguards. Sekolah SH KOU? Rendsh & Menongah) clin caorauboaa eoncen ‘ats ears lobe Ms 4 DARAINOUIT conor coum ‘nso eel PERE NO 8 Impact resulting from failure to supply Personal Data 8.1 tis obligatory for you to provide all ofthe categories of Personal Data which we request from you for Purpose A. Failure to supply Personal Data in relation to Purpose A wil: (2) result in us being unable to provide you (i.e students / prospective students) with the information, notices, and / or services requested; andlor (b) affect the ability of the parties to entor into the necessary agreements in rolation to the provision of our services. 8.2 Lis optional for you to provide all of the categories of Personal Oata which we request from you for Purpose B. Failure to agree for us to process Personal Data in relation to Purpose B wl (@) result in us and for our selected authorised third parties becoming unable to send you information by e-mail telecommunication means (telephone calls and text messages) or via social media conceming related and unrelated services offered by us and our affliated business partners which may include but is not limited to enrolment related events, surveys and / or special programmes / courses / events, promotional materials, brochures, emails, SMS etc. which we consider will or may interest you and for your child or ward 9. Your Rights of Access and Correction 8.1 You have the right to, subject to payment ofthe prescribed fees where applicable, request access to andlor correct your Personal Data and/or limit the processing thereof. In this respect, you may: (a) check whether we hold or use your Personal Data and request access to such data; (b) request that we correct any of your Personal Data that is inaccurate, incomplete or out-of- date; (c) request that your Personal Data is retained by us only as long as necessary for the fulfilment of the purposes for which it was collected; (4) request that we specify or explain our policies and procedures in relation to Personal Data and the categories of Personal Data processed by us; {e) withdraw in full or in part, your consent given previously, in each case subject to any ‘applicable legal restrictions, contractual conditions and a reasonable time period. 9.2 The department to whom written requests for access to Personal Data or correction and/or deletion of Personal Data or for information regarding policies and procedures and types of Porsonal Data is: Depariment Name: Registry Department ‘Contact No: (03-6145 3888 Fax No: (03-6156 9011 Emall Address: realstry@srikdu.edumy ‘Address: ‘Sri KDU Schools No. 3, §& 7, Jalan Teknologi 2/1 Kota Damansara 47810 Doarah Petaling Selangor fi KDU‘International Schoo! immows eadere “HERES NON rer os “~~ + PRRNINODAT cowry Consent for Purposes A and 8 | have fully read and understood this Personal Data Protection Notice and Choice Principle Notification ("Notification"). By signing this Notification, | consent to the use of my Personal Data for both Purposes ‘Aand B, in accordance with the terms of this Notification, Name NRIC No. / Passport No Signature Date: Are you providing consent as the parent or legal guardian of a minor (bolow 18 years) whose Personal Data will be processed as described above? © Yes No Iso, please complete the following: Signature: Full name of parentlegel guardian: NRIC No/ Passport No. (f any): Full name of child/ward as per NRICIBirth Certificate/Passport.. CChila'stward's NRIC/Birth Cerificate No/Passport No. ONLY | have fully read and understood this Personal Data Protection Notice and Choice Principle Notification Notification’). By signing this Notification, | consent to the use of my Personal Data for Purpose A ONLY, in accordance with the terms of this Notifcation. Name NRIC No. / Passport No Signature Date ‘Are you providing consent as the parent or legal guardian of a minor (below 18 years) whose Personal Data will be processed as described above? 2 Yes No If 30, please complete the following: Signature: Full name of parent/egal guardian: NRIC No,/ Passport No. if any): Full namo of child/ward as per NRIC/Bith Certiticate/Passpor Child's/ward's NRICIBirth Certificate No./Passport No. Child's/werd's class: Sokolah Sx KOU" (Rend & Menengah) S11 KOU"International Schoo! ‘Matin Yeats Gla Mind 1 PRRAINOVHT comranoncoumr novos anders" MERE NOM