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10 Good study habits

1. Dont try to cram all youre studying into one session.

If you cram in your studies the learning process would become

2. Plan when youre going to study.

To have an effective study habits you have to plan ahead.

3. Study at the same time.

After planning, study at the same time.

4. Each study time should have a specific goal.

Each time you study we have to have a goal, so that we could be more
focus in studying.

5. Never procrastinate your planned study session.

If you planned to study now, does it now, never delay your study time.

6. Start with the most difficult subject first.

Start with the most difficult subject, so that you can give enough time
to that.

7. Always review your notes before starting an


Reviewing your notes is the best way to remember all the information
youve understood during the lesson.

8. Make sure youre not disturbed while studying.

Study in a place that no one can disturb you. Your study place should
be free from noise.

9. Use study groups effectively.

Be with your friends who loved to study so that you can gain other
knowledge from them.

Review your notes, schoolwork and other class
materials over the weekend.
Review all the time so that the knowledge will become more effective.
The more you review the more understanding you have.