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Frederick Litchard

Course: MATH-1010

Section 408-Sp15

Optimizing an Advertising Campaign

1. Write down a linear inequality for the total number of desired ads.
x + y 60
2. Write down a linear inequality for the cost of the ads.
20x +80y 4320
3. Recall that the business wants at most twice as many radio ads as TV ads. Write down a
linear inequality that expresses this fact.
y 2x
4. There are two more constraints that must be met. These relate to the fact that there
cannot be s negative numbers of advertisements. Write the two inequalities that model
these constraints:
x 0, y 0
5. Next, write down the function for the number of people that will be exposed to the
advertisements. This is the Objective Function for the problem.

1750x +2500y

6. On your own paper perform the computations necessary to construct the graph. When
you have completed the computations, scan them and insert them after this page in to
page(s) of this document. If you need more than one page to complete your calculations,
use only one side of a clean sheet of paper for each page and insert each page you create
into its own document page.

7. After you have completed step 6, list the points necessary to construct the graph. Three of
these points will be the vertices of the feasible region. Using the equation editor, enter the
three vertices here.

( 20, 40 ) ,

90 8.


(24, 48) , (8, 52)

To solve this problem, you will need to graph the intersection of all five inequalities on
one common XY plane.
Optimization to maximize the viewing of a combination of radio and TV adds





20x + 80y 4320

linear inequality for the cost of the ads.




x + y 60
linear inequality for the total number of desired ads.


y 2x
twice as many radio ads as TV ads


















9. To find which number of radio and TV ads will maximize the number of people who are exposed to
the business advertisements, evaluate the objective function P for each of the vertices you found.
Show your work. Do these calculations by hand and insert them on this page. These calculations
should be relatively simple and take up little space. You will need to crop your scan so that it fits in
the space below

10. Write a complete sentence describing how many of each type of advertisement should be
purchased and what is the maximum number of people who will be exposed to the ad.
The purchase of 24 radio ads at the price of $1750 each, plus 48 TV ads at the price of $2500
each would maximize the advertising budget by reaching approximately 162,000 people.

11. Reflective Writing.

Did this project change the way you think about how math can be applied to the real world?
Write one or two paragraphs stating what ideas changed and why. If this project did not change
the way you think, write how this project gave further evidence to support your existing opinion
about applying math. Be specific.
Actually, Ive always known that everything can be quantified by a mathematical equation.
Likewise, every mathematical equation has practical applications, even if we dont know them
yet. I also understand that many equations have multiple practical applications in many different
areas. It is unfortunate for me that I find it so difficult to match the two up with each other. In fact
Ive had some pretty great difficulty taking a simple word problem and using it to come up with
an equation that resolves the problem. Im hoping that with practice it will become clearer to me
how to match the mathematics with the real world. I have actually enjoyed learning as much as I
have with 950, 990 and now with 1010. I plan to continue working on learning math and of
course, begin to utilizing it.