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Advanced Persian Reading 8 pany gw CHS Unit 2 P90 ee based on the text of S395» shi A Stone on A Grave (1981) by ool JT ue Jalal Ale Ahmad (1923-1969) designed by Michael Craig Hillmann compiled by Aziz Atai-Langrudi revisions by Behrad Aghaei Note: After completing each unit, readers can resolve remaining questions about meaning in the unit's text by consulting the text's English translation in Jalal Al-e Ahmad’s A Stone on a Grave, translated from the Persian by Azfar Moin (Costa Mesa, CA: Mazda Publishers, 2008), Persian for America(ns)® 2012 ¢ E desice that which soci with respect to undeniable same, paying finaly a ast having child ONL inthe view of according jk ay to bingo mind () g3Slath bye ctlok, view est decision contrast, contradiction ahaa eter (be). somethingsaid ya solving, solaton e wty oe yelng and srening fs yale intra, interior 3 rwvestone ooh Se polis potiteal pala une entry opmstomsby (ib) aati ike problem famous rose writing specimen, example realty comtemporary neighbor spouse memory, rcolletion ‘onetime, once (and fo all) Chote Geol ctl 2 ea sS ail SHEL, ATT 948) aaa Uf Je. orth (Stee 3 Sey gels! se cdl eel ole! ee 08 Bret He py cole tte ot I se obye (Cas oe pes et eS GL LS! tts Ils oS wy Se Bh Se sl Blsls hs S cul ay oul ob seas ol Lal aot 132 AR ote tote sighs glouae Gypsy eines AS oe giles |p egy Santly onl pS shee ee tee Sadly Gl stg 4 95)o 555) sang st vaso Se als GEE tl ot ord hey 3G Gb es lade Gl gage agll be. oslail BUG 3493 5 alo & Bib igh Ss Sor Sige pyeed gl dl cle Be cle tant le 3 ob Ly dle aS Je wv 153 Abe vo ye Ina class setting, students do not reader a unit's Persian text until directed to do so, Prior to a first reading of a unit's text, students participate in pre- reading and listening activities, QIU. eeatly oly gol yd glee cate a oe peste oe Le he AS ge GIS Ly palS coal gene hel Capt pblegen 4 3S S cul. ol eo ee GI ee Sl eee Sy PRL, Gd gl GIS WL Seg GA 59 eee dye atl Oey ely Se Moe S ateaye GL Ly og! Sees ely 9 ea! dm gel Spd 9 oe S Sal Jl eslee LSS gee ed Su SF 59 GG Al 5 lS Gg paler rS ghaysgl oes oy Slaton a99 3 fot Sel Sins 9 1G GIES gals Sapte SE Siig plead ape oh 5 HAS ge IS StS gps plage S — prsle UB es Shee yby) GE ob y eel 1S ehy59 Qu Leb 5 adpl ael sigs gd ask 6 ibe et 5 seaphesleS le 1, S48 gel ¢ ble 2 Gletlye age sual Ghee Sle ate se GI eel ee eg tele (S28 le ble s at IR cad IR gy te abe te ot Stee SHS G5 wr Bg ARGS Glebe CST y Lyme gi Sey Go Bm gouge so lay, GIRS 5 EES Glbleesl cute 9 HS! aS 3 SylS oh L aed lay Gb ce S sal 352 ode be sab Foo bb pp G Hl ol I lt gal SIS Sie Gl GEL Gad Sele ¢ ole Goo oles Sty sl ole tee bee a oe oll S. 3 AS pee aby yay GL 1b seggel bo els iS hae ah ens cee SI [komayt] ww sole 5 BS Se BS yal al Ml Mae y sal 1 ge Shy gl Ss ead bel eet ete trl 6 GL Sly me Gils + To Jr oat oslo cay BSL Hyd, ILS Glial gil pa 6S lel +e Tk GEIB 1 S gly S ees 5 ate 9 gale ay ha F GIL Ge 53 Hpk aS EL ete Sigt gt cls ee eg 8 Geel gy Sy peey ul cel AB heel alee ET eee Gate S gol ye Gee GUL Tr 58 slew Sb gree tie be Ly Hey carte 8 MS et a le ols bess 9 hye Sab 5 Sie 45 5 SS pe ee 18 3 ol te Gk pp 25 S Ble py SL Oe Ly cag y te Gyo caghetls aad S bye o gh, 3S apts tel + SBIS 5b 5g Les bby oh 9 Se hy He ole Lb waloo ve 298 ota by G83 cel GAS ab 33 oe AT 5 om was bahar oats SS + ve Class work with some units involves translation into Persian of comprehension * questions or student writing of rote aa Se Persian versions of questions as a dictation exercise | 1 10 What is the fact or issue which the writer discusses in the foregoing passage? (line 1) What makes dealing with this fact difficult for the writer? (IL. 1-2) What is the writer's wife's name? (1. 1) How long have the writer and his wife been married? (. 6) Why does the house remind the writer and his wife of the aforementioned fact or problem? (Il. 12-14) ‘What things remind the writer of his childlessness? (Il. 16, 21, 27) ‘What about the two or three year old girl? (lI. 28-29) What does the little gir!'s mother do? (1. 30) How does the writer react to the mother of the child? (1. 32) ‘What is the writer's resolve at the end of the passage above? (1. 35) to Lel b 63 Ae ee GILL eS th gel a cle coetee e opeol ay Le hy Suge GIT I pal cul yeas Lol Sapte phages 4 3S Sl ogee ot pe See GI) eee Le tee Sy wel sk gel SIS LL Se GB 55 ae ayy th ab SES ye S nage Gls Ly gs! Sees eb, y 2b Gl Sm cel S55 ge S Sul le oo ske LES ge eel SI ipo Is AS Sheth 9g foe Sel tas 9 WS 4 GIES coals ope GE Sige Gal Se hy FAS igs WS AB ye a8 59 Ge Ald 5 SG 5 pula S yliapsy lg SH poate UE es Ghee yigl HS aby ee Qk 1S 25559 GUESS! y GbEL A ay ou Ghee JL ue Lat y ath sels os Ge Gack 65 shay et alesis gle 1 (Sad gal ou sha ble 5 eG) eel ee ey de slee S28 et IR Se IE By ot ole ee eo die SS GF eo SE 5 SS le Gletge Ty Lone oes ee lou Sp Gh5y, GIS y 2S Slo sl oo tee 9 wy! sebS 3 SIS oh Y aS lay GAG LS AS 333 S28 | GRA Sb EG Hl eek al ol SS Se a Geb 5 eylas 4 Ioyle Gash Sol cles te eo de BSE Se BS Le DS pe dy apap Sh ote g ygele Gye dee gy apt gt ath abyss ote iS hae ol ge ote 2 fomayt] =f + 9 AS SS yale eel ple Las yah Ly ge Sloss obtsa 9 ie TY lead Be ee een lee ween eee eS ot les eg ge LE gg se See ol ual Bp cel Lees le ALT cae y tate S sal 4 case p21 Sol te de pe 285 S wile pay GS I, os by depts Gye cashesle sod S bye ay BS 5b 5 Les to two rials oS 39 | tolet stipout os 5 to speed up Atl x 339 | to feel, sense stem St | gardening intoxicating sal | change into book, scroll obsb | rancor, anger so and so oS | to ignore orale 2 Ea + such and such a person FE | to look up someoneg sel gS EL issue “33 | indifferent Gaels scissors 3} bottom of throat See to stretch burst, exploded feeling harassed protection unable to do (8.t.) go SU... (the) truth, wolf dust, dirt to wriggle, to squirm dumpster square (ft., m, ete) end give up (the sound of) knocking bo caress at leas, inthe least Sed fact, reality irritation, annoyance Boss Each unit in Advanced Persian Im ede) tang EIN | Fel conan ates Colye OL) GT -1 Ge) ‘vocabulary items in that unit's WF Shoe FoF Kya! sly text. Lists in some units are wacky hag sel Se als eas b ‘more comprehensive than in hae dF 39.1 0K others. Asking about and One 9 Oy! OIE ‘guessing meanings of words in calhet (Al agigen lalia) cel context are planned class ol, activities for some units. los uy Iga eal eb Lash a oo ' Gee eae ee lost units also exhibit sample eae ‘entries from one or the other or ) two standard Persien-Persian Ayal gJpeili ode —— set dictionaries: M. Mo'in's An (03 $k — ui sues. bot Intermediate Persian Dictionary, which reflects research up t0 1970, and H. ‘Anvari's Sokhan Compre hensive Dictionary, which reflects research up to 2002 Sd = ) lang 7 ft oe Jet OST (4) [linge rae rn Seems gene Sahoo ys glaasl pa GS cal JL te ast y gee SS ge Ll cane 9 hae FHS 39 Gaye | ¥ Gals T Steers Soe ot Ie ea 39 83 9 wo sab asl Gls Gla @ & 53 gay38 pg Glae — [oe 23] el Seeks es cal che 25 Glee if teal aS 1 ole agi 0) eels y saab a oy ole thls) 3 ey gly SIS Gh) ok 8a) S aS tay |p Sle Sale Gye us eel & gal) 7 Reese on eta sath 03,8 oll ay al ad $85 won Ga oO) aS Bab oe ile SE el bg ans () oS elyssl pa & S52 Gals S Le ease onl 32-1 Shetls gals’ ge oitls q bbys AHS bbs2 0) AT LSI lel ply saS ge cube Get ly 53 998 2555 GI oak C7 12h gee she gale vagy aly bk Gal lta 0) sate ont 9 De oe Lee 52S ge atlas te OE ath oles ety gl eles ee Sees oe oll" he 0 een a sth oy bs saad glans tay als 9 28 lan C1 sab ah glue ey ale od gst (>) 8 ae] Sse 3 ly of y tS lag Syst 59 Ly Bl gy WIS slace sel oath asls os ty dee 2 al ee _— oS Gelso lel =v wesls — A — cle 4 ae a5 oi owe 0) vey eat Sse oe oof p25 lag Gest 23 by Hl gt 4S Gal sul gab cals Gyah abe ve ESE rags salizel cat cals OWS 5) ouey Glad Gl ¢ M4 mb Glebe’ «ty Sige gt Ge —! fan 8) at BS ge GIS Ly pal S cul gens 1 Lely whens sept Bye best @ gahy IS oot ye tek gue 1 028 dle eS tle oo IS sad Glee Ly Boss GY S opie Seb Gee aes Les pe b wel ge tLe @ oak sale Gad ogl sl gks 2S obs Lb ebb gel GUS al 345 ok Al 0 as Bay Les Lal ES Spee GEES Gy ayy 5 ple ens wale CAHIS age St GAG Beet gy wu 29S Gl Gale hee oAtla ay abe Ly wal JE be ot Ser wale slo ge S plglew ¢ eed wuly ot psnee Sys gttla ay deeb S eal JL castes Game 9 le 0 sophie ealjb lan te £55 Hos 9 ga) place opi ase elles) lace cee ee v tS oho 3 5 so seh] [26] S el ein The argument is about what should be, wheal 23 gal 31S WL @ Gob 5s Go see what documents they've manufactured about this matter in philosophy. pelos S obras 3 eSe Ly Se cel Seps so S Se oasleg 1 ‘My wife and I have been asking ourselves this question in silence for fourteen years. = S28) 58 by ty oltLe [e all] ay JL ate pal UL aka ~aplaslS Jk 1, SS oul e ble bt Several years ago my cousin stopped by and let slip: You've kept this big house empty. doe ghoes Sp ohyy, GIS y StS gle cher cle sl Gee -0 aad fay] GAG ob S The ni neighborhood garbage can to find a spoon. aba} Ny ge 8h339 GIF 99 9 3S pe Sh oy ‘The father went to work and didn't leave the child's daily two cents. ve Gols ¢ [ele] 5 [BS S28] GS o3l eI fk tas _v God knows when the mother will find time and come caress the child, [ea] of [FERS] 1b S glass A bors’ kids’ most important games are daily rummaging through the You don't know who you wanted to hit with it. [RF SE] castes aed SG yee oy SIS apts Sel gam 8 This is what causes you to change your mind about going wherever you had planned to. [2S aa] 8d eel tS [220] 555 eh aT ot Aa] Ly 85 cel AS [LE] 535 ele 8 Eventually, someday one has to get this matter settled, W [sess] Fag Quod (glee! Je gh3 © 25 othe Sat ek bb ome e WS GT Badan fb Je oe glee ley —1 2 Ge ee Sty te lee S48 eal ¢ ble 1 25 Ba ly thee sole ot Sage Hebe Gy ual cua g etal GWL Gyo dbo 0 Here follows a tist of Arabic loanwords related by their triiteral consonantal root system to the word cLuail yn /vdgeiyyét/ [reality], which appears several times inthis unit's text. The root system in question exhib «yas its fist root eter, «0a its second root eter, andg » a8 its third oot eter, Because the letter « 5» can function either as 8 vowel or as a consonant, note that its pronunciation can change when juxtaposed toa vowel sound. ee es {exeam, iy ream) an [Dappening aking pace (0) ta (ta el GAB y (oosuia stat ater) gly (ati) Atl, (vet ccc] aul, tray ry tat (sion, eeu] elle at fmm) ones! gtsa.g se wits Jaei= {signature, seal, signet] tow wis oy ‘The ta12i3 derived pattem of Arabic loanwords {atacing, hing; ying with] alge usually communicates intensive, causative, ae emphatic, or otherwise very active meanings in fexpesttion expecting) ga ~ gi relation to base level words with the same root system, as in the following four examples. lesson - teaching] ene oes onder- puting in ode) tre = at oii — 81 Ipmon-dingnsis) Gant - yet Find the one example of a « Jse5 » [ta12i3] pattem word in this unit's Persian text: Persian Vocabulary Acquisition: A Guide to Word Forms and the Arabic Element in Persian: Second Edition (2003) is the handiest introduction to Arabic loanwords forms and patterns in Persian and the significance which familiarity with them has in learning and remembering Persian vocabulary. wr