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The table illustrates and compares what the UK unemployed do in

their time and how many percent did men and women spent the time for
housework, shopping, job hunting, visiting friends or relatives, etc at two
periods of time in a day in 1982.
Firstly, looking at the table we can see that in the morning, most of
men spent their time to find the job, it account of 22% or about 20% men
stayed at home to shopping; besides that, a few men drunk at 2% or sat
around at 3%. For the women, 49% of them stayed at home and took their
time to do the housework whereas about 1% spent time to played sport
and drunk.
Secondly, in the afternoon, instead of finding job many of men
watched TV and about 1% stayed in the bed. Its similar with the morning
for women, most of them also did housework and no one played sport and
stayed in the bed.
In coclusion, in period of unemployed, Bristish spent time to do
many thing, base on this table we can find out the difference between
men and women in taking their time in the morning and afternoon.