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Supervisor Evaluation for EDUC 4003, 40A3, 4923, 4933 Field Experience 1, 2, 3, 4

Course EDUC #4923

Student Teacher

Alyssa Morrin

Cooperating Teacher Dana Caulfield


Landmark East

Term Nov-Dec 2014

Observation Dates Dec. 3 and 10, 2014

Supervisor John V. Burke Grade/ Subject Math, Science 10

This summative report is to be completed after the post-conference of the supervisor’s last visit with the cooperating teacher and student teacher. This report is based on a minimum of two observations and is to include conversation and consultation with the student teacher and whenever possible, with the cooperating teacher.

1. Professional Conduct/ Competencies

Summary Comments:

Alyssa Morrin’s placement was Landmark East which is a special private school for struggling students. While the classes are exceedingly small, this is more than compensated for by the vast array of student difficulties. This being said, this report is written with the understanding that the reader will read the comments herein with this consideration.

Ms. Morrin is conscientious in her attendance and punctuality. Her undergrad degree provides her with the competency needed by all teachers. Her confidence and demeanor impress all who have worked with her; in fact, her cooperating teachers shared view that it is difficult to remember that Alyssa is a B.Ed.student! Ms. Morrin’s interpersonal competency is excellent and her ability to listen, relate to the students, (while keeping a professional distance,) and then communicate respect and expectations have earned her the admiration and appreciation of her students, many of whom have had a less than satisfying experience in other schools due to their learning and behavioral challenges.

Deep reflection on one’s practice is the hallmark of the teaching professional and Ms. Morrin wrote a weekly reflection on her teaching experience during this practicum and she readily shared this with me as her practicum supervisor. These reflections are thoughtful, honest and realistic. They have proven useful to inform my mentorship of her and to come to a deeper understanding of her approach to teaching, methods and general practice. Our conversations sparked by these reflections were fruitful and beneficial to both of us: I as supervisor/mentor and she as student. Another criterion for assessing professional performance and formation is the ability to take direction or criticism maturely in the desire to constantly improve. Alyssa demonstrated this trait in spades.

2. Preparation and Planning

Summary Comments:

Ms. Morrin’s classes are well-planned and expertly delivered. There was no lack of hard work in preparing for each lesson. She provided lesson plans for me via email before I visited the class as well as hard copies of same when I presented myself for classroom observation. These plans addressed appropriate outcomes for the grade and were structured logically with good visuals and use of technology. The materials Ms. Morrin prepared for each lesson were appropriate, of high quality and addressed the individual needs of her students. Enough material, exercises and examples were prepared to occupy the class time. There were no bored students in the classes I observed.

Ms. Morrin planned for the diverse needs within the classroom and provided ample opportunity for individual assistance, clarification and direction. Alyssa was able to check in frequently with students to ascertain the degree to which students understood the concepts. My 2 visits did not avail the occasion to examine summative assessment but her formative student evaluation was done well.

3. Teaching and Learning Environment

Summary Comments:

The physical nature of the learning environment is beyond the control of the B.Ed. student since the philosophy of the school and cooperating teacher dictate these decisions. However, the pedagogical environment which is established and maintained by the student is critical to the learning process. With this in mind, I can find no fault with Ms. Morrin’s classroom environment. The care and respect that Alyssa has for her students makes for a comfortable, nurturing workplace in which her students feel free to become engaged in learning which involves risk-taking. Her lessons are both learning-focused and student-centered. By this I mean that there is little “down time” during which students are off task. In addition, Ms. Morrin’s awareness of the idiosyncrasies of individual students and what is needed for them to succeed informs her plans and lesson execution.

4. Classroom Instruction and Assessment

Summary Comments:

As can be expected of a conscientious professional, Ms. Morrin is competent in the subject area I have observed. She prepares her lessons (which are centered on the PSP-approved outcomes) well, and delivers these with a professional demeanor which sets the tone for a no-nonsense attitude towards work. Alyssa is well spoken and always dresses appropriately. She is the director of the action in the classroom. She challenges students to think critically and encourages them to make connections, which is one of the elements of true learning.

Alyssa has a good understanding of the adolescent mind and uses this to engage her students in well structured lessons which are varied and dynamic while responding to the needs of her young charges. Her dynamism allows no rote lesson recitation: rather, her lessons are interesting and varied in approach.

Additional Comments:

This has been a very successful practicum for Alyssa. I congratulate her on her teaching skill and look forward to working with her in her final practicum.

Overall growth and performance in this field experience:

! Pass !!!! Pass With Reservation (N/A for EDUC 4933) !!!! Fail



! ! ! ! Pass With Reservation (N/A for EDUC 4933) ! ! ! ! Fail


December 16, 2014