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Kristoffer Klock

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Academic Writing
Professor De Piero
Artifact Analysis Arts for Humanity!
Arts for Humanity is an organizations that seeks to bring unity in
the Santa Barbara community by empowering the less fortunate or
marginalized community members through the power of arts. They
engage in many different events and types of arts including dance,
painting, and singing. To raise awareness about their operations they
have a online brochure explaining basic things about the organization.
The brochure is fulfilling its purpose by communicating high creativity
and information. It becomes evident that the brochure is aimed
towards the community members that are able to help the less
fortunate. It is emphasizing the unifying power of arts. The argument is
somewhat abstract and therefore not as effective to initiate
engagement. However, it emphasizes the fact that all people
regardless of background have different talents that they might not
always be able to fully explore. It talks about how the various programs
break through social barriers and raise community awareness about
the gifts and talents within our diverse community. Art could be
viewed upon as something very abstract, and what is considered art
can vary considerably from person to person. Nonetheless, they are
using the ethical and emotional appeal.

Klock 2
Another artifact I analyzed was the organizations 2014
newsletter. While the brochure is written for potential prospects for the
organization, the newsletter is written directly to the members. The
Newsletter highlights the phrase creative connection that will be
used to better communicate the message of the organization. Simply
what they are doing, is reminding all their members what the
organization is trying to achieve through its efforts. However, I think
that what is being said in the newsletter could be even better suited in
the online brochure. The creative connection more accurately
explains the central concept of the organization, which is explained as
the connection we have with ourselves when we engage in the artistic
process, the connection we have with others when creating together,
and the connection Arts for Humanity! creates for the community
through the many groups we serve. I think this explanation embodies
the whole purpose of the organization. So, it is a great explanation for
the organizations members; nonetheless, it could be incorporated in
other mediums of communication to effectively reach their target
Despite the fact that some arguments could be placed more
effectively to reach the intended audience, my observations tell me
that Arts for Humanity! have a good rhetorical understanding. Their
arguments are emotionally involving, which is more effective since the
argument cant be based around facts or statistics. They are trying to

Klock 3
raise both social and cultural awareness through their writing. The
message is intended for those of higher social status in our community.
It is evident that they are aware of this when they are creating their
arguments and messages. They actively engage those people and
underline how their events and ideals are not only helpful for the
marginalized, but everyone can enjoy and benefit from it. In addition to
this, the style of the writing is highlighting the happiness involved by
engaging in this organization and its purpose.