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Advanced Persian Reading AB pias gab CoL,5 Unit 1 Jol ie based on the text of S195 9 shin A Stone on A Grave (1981) by wool JT Jue Jalal Al-e Ahmad (1923-1969) designed by Michael Craig Hillmann compiled by Aziz Atai-Langrudi revisions by Behrad Aghaei Note: After completing each unit, readers can resolve remaining questions ‘about meaning in the unit's text by consulting the text's English translation in Jalal Ale Ahmad’s A Stone on a Grave, translated from the Persian by Azfar Moin (Costa Mesa, CA: Mazda Publishers, 2008), Persian for America(ns)® 2012 Advanced Persian Reading Unit 1 Summary of Unit 1 US! utde gt te Mk bd © eB OE pe 05 cla! 5h B38 Sed oe! at thoy les self 8 tes gute sel De shel = E33 yee eS pes ele te Ble el Sas eee ot et ol 5 9 deal ff cetlSS SE ops Glan Site cal ase gileys bali ty sad ae G hae etlarg gle EELS Le Obl G 5 9551S wake ele total gost Sb oh le BS 2 Sin AS03138 ole sta s GolS Et pe eel wal ge Biytey yas oils Sat the tein es pr -vene aa soe place o seh ccpaton Js ‘influence Sighs pels pal paar oc ride ri wey prs revel) — alee cemary oodeod te peers wed seeded ok tne Fea summary ct eto ete Shing. combating wey, sucincess eponing begins imerstip topayto proceed alvanced ok writing esl vow neha, manner specimen, example spokentanguage yg tS 545, wrientangge ge tags hs centenary consi t al ] Unit Text _| JL te 5 she he eat UT 8 y pls 3h pte pl pee go3 6 OSI eed at ats ook 4 wants Migs ole 9 5 1 otal! sasel ols S 39 yeah pane ee p88 ood debi shy saul eile! aren ge geletel 2905 5 2S ISE peer os Leb sl Basle 39 pra wale ¢ 298 Abs | pay Ge 53 358 Gyo eg AAS ge pbs eal | kee Gy cab yt SIS od et PAS 39 Got Ls SI ge bes ok GS pam Elas oI suly glidds G8 4 saljIlg yl tune bugs y Gl ybe 48 55 lubes hS I ete lezet © ay Gyles 59 czlia Gale -ayt ie the ert 59 Sed weet ff le el LAL aS ge ealizel ayylaw ae 8 aly tel ff 58 ST tea ols (Say Saray DS ash eS S$ obs SS 5 Sth AS ar Gety (Mas B53 sael ff eas exten 93 eS ea Ly Uae gal Sige Gh Ly Lad Sy Leahy oS oye Si Eat oS Sper SS LL of AS ys a8 sleet el 29 be ae GS FS aa the oot O85 Syed pk 5K pa ol gle Gara g yo deal ff p36 aS iy fie seed oe hyb ISI yelteligele YS ok slp y py ob oS BE y Lee oe 28 A glee oo tel JS Gy BSN JL 59 3 398 oleh Maes 5 Seb tutte Oe BS JL te Jgb 52 -aelsilyye gh cual sBhog By geo oS 2 gi gly ote e Yo w v0 to pe ele Se bd ole 9 ots ye al Geog ley, Glsl gi Wer JLo ja vay Gober gal oo of Lal ele Yule 5 eels obs eld bye MA JL a3 S55 1 oles ples Gt JE 3h aly ohh © ole dlls 32 b 6 eer a fle pee eye ee are SIS Ses ele oe ap oe MOT JLB gb of sl aS Bans geste Loy S caytile Gene Uy tor Je yo eeutle +98 glyasl ea Ghel oS AE p8lasg AES Sa ele y pees Mot JLE 50 Geel Uf OGY GU ess Seale a8 5 coe eae he ol bepas obal peltel s perl bolt & ap Ghats ay 5! pe ap elssle 53 wel JIS Ly Gal wl gil ole ya 4 WGLE titer spel 53 Lge eds y gid Saab byt oy GS Gan ET ge glee Saal y ade OUI S cyte! Sad 4 eles! SP lee Gay Habe Be gly 4 WES Gl glels epee d pelt post ob Ses ebS & Lot Egy S Ua gs 02 AGS y sah gadlis rath “wos 2 Se" BS rn sl qt 5 eat See sl) 59 55 So al uy Se easlss "aed oe he” Sop ds Gade 65 she I te GS aes ole MM ow S Sol of 59 GUS gal Sel at Glee Sys yee g Le Se apb 4 ly ot 98 la Shey pa seal Uf Se SET ol te Ae lyse BUSS LL spe y Bb Gracia 4 Gakte LS Reading Comprehension Questions OS Sys etlgus Answers appear in the lines of the foregoing text cited in parentheses after each question, 1 10 ‘What is the name in Persian for the Persian language? (line 1) How long has Persian or the Neo-Persian language existed? (1. 1) Until the twentieth century, which was @ more important literary vehicle in Persian, verse or prose? (Il. 7-8) ALthe beginning of the twentieth century, what prompted Iranian writers to incline toward simple, straightforward writing? (Il. 5-6) ‘What kind of a family did Jalal ALe Ahmad come from? (1. 23) ‘What sort of education did Al-e Ahmad receive? (Il. 25-26) ‘What sort of political activities did Al-e Ahmad engage in? Until when? (27) In his writing, what does Al-e Ahmad fight against? (Il. 34-36) ‘What kinds of books did Ale Ahmad write? (Il. 32-34) What happened to A Stone on a Grave after almost a thousand copies got sold? (1. 41) re shel & fi ah cx Unit 1 Text with Short Vowel Marks Whe ey alge GRE Sd SbSlel Sarl obs S 39 yo wot ETS yp 53 cay G ale pao ood LUI Sty saul BI spe PE pear oF BSI eel eat ets Gob gy pants,i satelige lee & oS laa Caine ge cebee oes SS JSt b peee go Jel l Basle 4a gra vale g 09S Joa Ly pape ele 59 S68 oy ps oe AS ge pA Saal 3! aa SE ES IS los y td gee pred 5s wales sls GAS JLo oe yb yo alse ob = Sal 2h gle ed oh ee poy Syeass gly -aileay 35 8 OS saly Glewls 58 o calhe Ge nee bis y Bley S53 lanes O43 SI Bygteh Gleyet @ aph Gloglels 52 eylaa Gale - apt hee ctl 39S ed wel ff a gal LI aS ge salina! syle Pe 8 Ip aah J BS Tana ols Ss) (Sars SS gob o S eas yf p53 desl ff bas eS AS Ly the Gal See GALL, Lad AS y Leak, aS og eH Se Bart od pe SSL Ly of AS 5 98S sly! = SF Sth 1S ye lan oetey Saws oI of cel sulyass ules ols ete WE o3 ly oe a pS US aa God OSS Hp st gljae gSares so seal ff tb aS Yet reel ee ISI lela gele iS ht Shay ees 8 BL A He BOTT JL 33 sy ae chal bess 9 SEs ou taste va BW yelp yo weal JS 5, p39 sles Se bl tls y Ay typ a Lig gly uleala vo vo te to WOT JE 8 cage lel oboal oe of alacant yasled 9 shay hes plead tayo MA JLo ES Ly oleae ples GRE JL 3 ae ob ee flat —tile 33 b yt CC rrt—“C“§$stisSCsC*sC:sC“( (‘UC SUE Bo pele oe a oS MOT le & ols of sl oS Bae ce atiysee Lote S ptt gees Mor JLo ys vets 938 glyssl oat obel gs 9A 5 HES Se Shey gheve MoT JL 52 Sel Uf OLY EU eget Sree 8 5 coe gene So bp ole! gelsal y pele debt Gos Ghats doy hy 3h ge ape Shy sle ys tel JS Ly gat wl Sl gle gs GLb tele gol 33 ye sibs 5 git Sa byt oy tS Gus I QUT a5 pele Sled y gate SIL col! Sud y elas! SPARS ete eb ye gy gly 4 BS ulgtels ope J pl pest ol Ses LS & Lol slay S des os ub Sy ah Glu Se ee pAb 32 ay So at oy Sle easlse “ses oe hee’ tot aS ames le «NM 5 ead th S ay BS ade Bs lye Seed J 53 GES onl Steal ot Boslee Gbps yea gy bs BRAS arb oh I ob sl Shy pr seal Sf So SUT 5h he Pee lose Gaal WL gpa obligate ¢ kal Ls si ashe Vocabulary and Expressions for Unit 1 tocrene ection east si work (eg. fern) othe tt sity Ai aleigl = pla tebichrevitiaion cat ‘dion, expression rote objection secession, spliting thea eh succes conleness remsining a et ove) ‘heres termining (nd question Aoyng te fouadation ‘ojoin cevolton consaitn, lsh eketion,cininaton iin, source spersition efarateriaie (0) teacher calles inerferene,intesion compecesion erat tobeanestt io, eye ert lea (egw) ‘emperament everyday, routine tod ines sonal - prisoner, imprisoned tre, essence Bs te ee polis poticl Si soning (08) cdo. contin, term foxmation metod manner symptom fete nervous, touchy (peson) member ib 089) tein) setiviy ond college degree (B.A.B.S) Shing. sop ‘gn, some synonym anonym rmagaine ‘eligon ine), dtingihabe ncn (vi) famow ‘0 unser, to convey ature deposition smconpaitle rose as opposed to verse) copy, manaserip pesrition ves (a opposed pre) oer nance penton ctlook, perspective, approach vo yvea display condition, sation pes (i) -cenactrsie a) forma) we uke chal cea Sus" 1389 easy [[oesions aad Answe vert Ieee Gab ot 32 Se oe GSS Ole tes EH 32) OWE ‘Answer the following questions. The exact answer to each question appears in the reading text above. Sox ole Gaol pe sltess Gb OI las 9 AH tas =) Sas olsbel ob3 <3) © 3 esd gb Saylo ysl Shey q deal 8 Sols Saal ghd ee GI “es y98 op hee OLS Sols elal oh 55k & hob G ¢ deel ay y Mor JL 3l ‘Compreher eS GES es ey a Ot pe SS IS S Os ‘Choose the correct completion of the following sentences which summarize chief points in the reading, Seed Sele G59 cal ole 523 ELS 5f cheba 1 clot poles gesb 0) sel ie G65 (1 obel 52 gfaees Gaye O) Les ob GaN optoe Led bd 1 Jab glels 38 9jy cyl O) Ab Blk 4B oly aslglle Bt yly gles, 58 4 fades O Bel IS ay gat glass 9 eres gl yt S58 obS ag Soe SO) Refer een) 1335 Jey gtaS 9 ie get Sure Sab saslen “oS 4 Set ES usp 1 say eats aha d of Gl gles sy US 0) 1g sab Gigs WE of lye LS 0) use pint oF 51 JS 0 sa pls St tte oS eal) Sap 8 3h tae pO) easels GhS Seal 58 5 pbs) ray sad e853 of Gs ieee GI [sees [ Synonyms and Antonyms oat geet gle 33h of 9 ae May GB gue 93 L GI oye WIS alae steed oat sls Gy ly dene ye Find the antonym in column B for each word in column A and write it in the space provided. An example has been given. Y al SQLs 1+ Go oot ceed le oy of y teS la & ost a3 Hl gute WS Glo ee eel vat ols Cys cle dea te Find the synonym in column B for each word in column A and write it in the space provided. An example has been given. wont in — es elt lens oS gt BBE ost Substitution Practice FagS soled sad vals OlUS jl eon y BLEW leg Substitute the new words or phrases for the bold-faced items in the following sentences, saat obzel btee ss op Bostte cot IL My Jee 58 deel Jf gy 1 238 gilda s dat tlhe bes Bt Gort Stings FAS ge GEL leeks oS ag 8 3 weal J ae SS gal 3 ses ol ol sony raghe Ile dey Iga hes Sul obit! sys! ob 6 wo8 Ges —t aT sete S23 pH 2d 39 tot te JO tee gabe I seat Je te ys te Sar gh ook 333 of Me S soils Sey sale ss 4 Loy 638 Ge gke INV GME JL 3h asl Jf oo gle ae Abs oa eu BEL aye True or False Sal she Sadly oesesle @ abate if et gibt (Saas 1 rath ps hE ae lr yltgbat sy sal do soph ete Soot Soy pb ceaal oe gai 39 veel 2S 95) G IES obs ¢ aelyl 8 ety oars | ale 52 Ser Garey Based sels LE Gl gk 23S SS ele oie thy 3s gee self 0 BS dhe ge SUL 4 git Sind Sy ¢ 998 GUT 59 uals sles all) BI ont oo SI BS oe Se OLS Lv Grammar eons BS Plural forms of nouns: ste abe et 33 of ee IS LL Gill gst 5h al Ge oyks JS Match the singular forms in the right column with the plural form in the left column, ee AG Geos ‘Transformations Paes 9h Say9 eye © Ly dee sa Sale Jél9 (infinitive) some abs eti8 Jl te yo) oer] ee ne grec (9938 qly93!) —— sp85lo Gang Mor Jl 59 dual oiler Lek S (g55) ad & OSs! GS s5e gl Ae GOS or BaF gael) ole 8 ah eee ea pt geet gud Ut 9 S8G ya 58 foe) Bare yh 8 IL daly ob S ost cea ys SF