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Name: Rachel Wood

Grade Level: 3rd Grade
Content Area: Social Studies
Beyond-the-Basic Productivity Tool Used: Inspiration
Standards Addressed: SSG1 The student will locate major topographical features.
a. Identify major rivers of the United States of America: Mississippi, Ohio, Rio Grande, Colorado,
and Hudson.
Blooms Level of Critical Thinking:
Description of how to implement in the class: The class will form into five groups, 4-6 per group.
Each group will be assigned one of the five major rivers of the United States (Mississippi, Ohio, Rio
Grande, Colorado, and Hudson). Each group will locate what state(s) their assigned river runs
through, along with one fact about the river per each individual student. Students will use Inspiration
to create a diagram of their findings (one diagram per group). Pictures are not required but bonus
points will be allotted for them. Students will present their diagram to the class. All diagrams will
then be posted to the class website.
Level of Technology Implementation (LoTi): This activity has a LoTi level of 4 because the
assignment is student directed as well as they are the ones creating the diagram, via technology.
There is strong emphasis on real world applications. High levels of Blooms taxonomy are addressed
through the creation of their diagram. The students work will also be posted to the class website.
Description of the sample BBPT file provided *: The diagram below covers the Colorado River.
You will find many facts about this river such as, the states it flows through, its length, as well as the
location of the mouth and source of the river.
Other comments about your proposed BBPT Activity: I think learning about the topographical
features in the United States is very important. This activity allows students to learn about the five
major rivers, while also engaging in technology to explain their findings to their peers.