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FOR YOUR EYES ONLY 7 From The United Artists Motion Picture “FOR YOUR EYES ONLY” : Lyrics by Music by MICHAEL LEESON BILL CONTI Moderately slow 7 ® mp legato TT c/G G Verse § fe i fi # 1.For your eyes on -ly can see me through the night. your eyes. on -ly, the nights are nev - er cold. cs, 1\ nev -er need to hide. that’s all__1_need to know. ? Cmaj? Bm? Emi, You can see so much in me, so much in me that's new. May-be I'm an 0 - pen book, be- cause I know you're mine. loco # For Your Eyes Only -3-1 Cmajl Anv/D tt Chorus nev - er felt un-tit, { lookedat you, ————————————__— 1. For your you won’tneed to read be-tween the Hines, — 2. For your o/G Gmaj7 Em? Amt? oreo 2 You'll see what no one else can see, on -ly for you. ‘You see what no one else can see, on - ly for you. on = ly, Am?/D c/s, Gmnaj7 Ee on -ly for you. on -ly for you. a now I'm break-ing free. For your eyes on - ly, —_—— now I'm break-ing free. For your eyes. on- ly, ————— Am7 2 oe 2730 To Coda Fal fove [know you need in pas- sions that col - lide in me, fan - ta ~ sy you've freed in me, wild a - ban- doned side of ‘For Your Eyes Only - 3-2 Am7/D ’ you, D.S. al Coda Verse For Your Eyes Only -3-3