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In this busy world, traffic control has become a major problem on the
roads of many cities. Some emergency vehicles like Ambulance, Fire
Brigades get stuck in the traffic and have to wait which is not
desirable. Motto behind choosing this project is the need for safe and
quick mobilization of the needy or injured patient to the hospital by
avoiding traffic problem so that the patient can be saved up to the
maximum extent.
Many traffic light systems operate
on a timing mechanism that changes the lights after a given interval.
An intelligent traffic light system senses the presence of Emergency
vehicles and reacts accordingly. The system can help to solve the
problem of traffic congestion and interruption to Emergency vehicles.
The project uses RF technology to
implement this application. The system developed is able to sense the
presence of Emergency vehicles within certain range and sets the
appropriate Traffic signal in that lane to Green and the other lanes to
Red. Normal signaling of traffic is halted and Green light is switched in
the direction of the ambulance movement. The system consists of a
computer that controls the selection and timing of traffic. The second
part is the signal visualization. Signal faces comprise of solid red,
yellow, and green lights. The third part is the detector or sensor. The
sensor or detector is a device to indicate the presence of vehicles.
The ambulance will be fixed with
the RF transmitter and the RF receiver will be fixed at the traffic
signals. RF based transmitter in the ambulance sends Radio Frequency
signals to the receiver when enters its vicinity. RF receiver senses the
Radio Frequency signals and turns on the green light in that direction.
All the other signals are put to RED. Normal traffic signaling is
achieved once the ambulance leaves.

In this way the traffic priority is

given to the Emergency vehicles and the loss of lives can be saved to
the maximum.
The priority of the traffic can also be implemented using the IR
sensors . If signal between the IR sensors is cut off then the direction
where there is more traffic would be given more importance and the
signal would be green for a longer time.