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La Donna é Mobile from Rigoletto by GIUSEPPE VERDI Lyrics by GUISEPPE VERDI Published Under License From Musicnotes, Inc. (© 2011 Musicnotes, Ie AI Rights Reserved Authorized for use by Jeremy Benham NOTICE: Purchasers ofthis musical file are entitled to use it for thir personal enjoyment and musical fulfillment. However, any duplication, adaptation, arenging andor transmission ofthis copyrighted music requires the writen consent of the copyright owner(s) and of Musicnotes, Inc... Unauthorized uses ae inffingements ofthe copyright laws of the United States and other counties and may subject the usr to civil andiareriminal penalties. § http://www. La donna é mobile from Rigoletto, Act Ill, No.17 Libretto Music Francesco Maria Piave Giuseppe Verdi Allegretto (2)= 138) : baa 2D s = by MDacedi Mantova a con brio >. La don-nag mo bi-le qual piu - mal Plume in the sumn-mer wind vay - ward - ly £ £ mu-u diac - cen - to ne'er one way swaying, in piantooin ri so, © men-20 woe who de - pend- eth on joy she “Rm Resane Authorized for use by Jeremy Benham La don-naé qual piu-masl yen - Yes, — heart of ev'ry way bend - eth, eee = legero pen = joy — she. oo Ladin meble/2f4 Authorized for use by Jeremy Benham mp chia lei Saf ~~ da, eh le con - i - da mal cau-toil co - rel follow her —smil - ing fond hearts be - gui - ing, false-hood as - soil - ingl Pur mai non sen-te-si fe - li-ceap - pie - no Yet all fe - li- chy is her be ~ stow- ing #F adinn mete 3f4 Authorized for use by Jeremy Benham non li - baa La__ don - na 8 is there but Yes, heart of con forza i pen ~ sicr! on joy — she spends. = it Ladin mete eft Authorized for use by Jeremy Benham