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99 I’M SO EXCITED Words and Music by TREVOR LAWRENCE, JUNE POINTER RUTH POINTER and ANITA POINTER Strong, steady beat Gm7 ByC Cm7 B/C Cm? a ae: i BoC Cm7 Bo/E> E> Bb/E> E> |Bo/Es E> Eb/B> Bb EE a AR 4 & To-night, to- Instrumental) ight __ we're gon - na make_—it’shap_ = pen, . SLACKWOOD MUSIC INC, “TL DAWN MUSIC, ANITA POINTER PUBLISHING, RUTH POINTER PUBLISHING and LEGS FOUR PUBLISHING ‘Alas Cntoled and Asmomsteed by Est AL ACKWOOE MUTE Ne ‘AIIRRhts Reserved” Inernational Copyright Secured sed by Permission 100 BY/E> Eb Eb/B> to = night we'll put___— all other things a By Gm? this time and Bo/C Eb/C show me some__ pleas - ures in the night. (Instrumental ends) tor Am7 no chord 1 want to love you, feet you, wrap omy = self a - round you. Ts want to squeeze you, 1 just cant. get e = nough, And if you no chord move real slow, — PI tet it go. 102 Gm E> & just can’t hide __ it, I'm a- bout to lose con -trol___ and. think TP tike_ and 1 just can't hide _ it, and F Gm ry 6 = I know, 1 know, I know, I know, T know 1 want — you. = Z o - 7 We should -n"t e - ven think ___ a bout to - mor- * = Se, 7 BoC B/C Bb/E> E> ttt row, sweet mem -o - ries will \o= ; 7 = s + — . oe = EBB a ni tt tH tong time. a a 104 Gm7 BoC Es/C a ba = by, don't _ we're still play - in’ a - round, boy, that’s just no chord ttt we just can't. hide it, 105 E> F Gm tf a= bout to lose con -trol___ and 1 think ‘I irre 90) ex cic eaeed and 1 just can't hide — it, and I know, I know, 1 know, ff Ow nd um. an To f ‘W119 wis we we ale we wie wie ale ‘wa alia! we at D.S. and Fade IT know, 1 know 1 want — you, 1 want you!