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Fa® oc memes va On caps of kind s in a Galois r-dimensional space ume Hf On conn hic nets Ye sue in ap of tnd we {SS Toecmbalig ofa eine Nye a ap Kn tf Comtreiono B,at ‘sm to in 1 Pater ene tow igo a 4. Introduction. In s Gait apace Sra, La, imo pojeeive ‘dimeniinal mace over a Gale fld of ender ¢~ p (where p, are Doave integer and pia prime, the characterato of the tld), 2 cap or cap of order isa et of ating pola, no thten of whieh fro calnear. We say Unt a Keaap oof Bid g, aud than we depot it Dy Rig, any #41 distineta of te poluts ae inery sndependen, bat ‘hae aro subuets of #-+2 lnealy dependent poste; then, obviously, 2°22, Any much Ki, ato be Sneomples or complet, aceoring fs t i or uot subset of « (+1). Bvidently, the apace joining the Doin of @ complete Ky is Sy Hel, whence > "The sted of these caps se inereting som the algebras geomtrie point of vem moreover, some quetinak on thelr abject are deeply ‘comected with information Dery and watt, as one can for example bee fom (1,22 ‘The parpon of the present paper isto bring ack the study of Ky to that of compete caps of lind two (). We begin Dy showing tat wilh {he ody eeeption of one presto eae forthe fis, gy ery Kg {onan i comple cp of nd tn Pareher we prot tant, ff «> 4, ‘any Hig tr the complete tntreaion of @sertin wuber of comple cape {of bin to Te fllows that, tom the knowlege of al complet aps Gt kind tro of & Galois apace, we am dodace Smnedlaely that of all Ky ite "Fnaly, we deal with the mare general problem of embedding & Ky fn exp of xed Kind, (=), whence wo draw sgnfcat Timitationt for the order af complete Ki ) Fa tor Ste or eam (8, $17 cain Svc Si etd Wy 2: Sm ome 2» 6. ranuas $2 The problem of embedding # Kry In a cap of lower ind, Koy con uvr be snail in ap of phn tn m r Aetnin, jy sonioe #2 dependent pote, Theor ee ay oak ‘Tietier ¢ Xifes8) sty or ay ot be sntaned nt ap lowe Tous muoly"whtir we can agente eter port the of By fo a to bin w tp of Lind tes “sat nwver to the quia ie gen Uy the faving rom: By Hig wih 1 3 4 $s tsi in cof Hind <2. Tlie ha tony Hiss edatach to spt sp 9 Hn fo free For et? fom pit ofan (62a Sao hy not bela to any othe (3) mcs) atthe cap aa Ki. Sach » pine P ecany ext te +34, No Tine hrongh Pan be eat ot ay tian, eri te epee Sense Br wosld contin 41 ols ff Rig, whch exlaed, The we agente tothe pani o Hig {poli 2 wo obtain a + teap Ae thi ap contain + Gepndct oe (P abd hae f Se Rite cap of ind f+ erthero bave ha Bony twmplae Hg connie tn ample cap of Kind on ort us rapores > 3 othe property erent and et ea comple ap tntiing Ai. arc bea poh of atmo Hy, and aby to pete of. fxm th since aes PAY, and ly wo pate My a0 yin ye Hey. ‘rough (2153) thar only dene PM mendig Ha oo Aiiact ponte (Dae Hy doe not contin any out ols ing ms pt, snc ¢>3) and theatre troagh thee loko secant af Stig. Mee ha Ine 8 aera to Riga to flow thay ‘yecrenag tothe Toth of iy the ple end reo eb aces syeap of Kind two (alse the wt tins obtained Contam th foe pate My My Ny whl Ue one pla), whch or comple st ottaiein' Somplts apf edt 3. On complete X;, which cannot he embedded In a cap, of Kind two. Tho probiam of embetting complete ly tn a cap ind two stems ta be excoptianal wath respect ta eer eas, In fat, ‘ee thow that thar eit complete Hy oot enntaned Sn any cap of Kind ‘ro, Buther, we give nocesry conditions n ode tht the tay apie, Suppod tat there existe compete Hy not contained In any cay of kind two, Through every polit of Syq—B%y there mit at let fave acaot a Hq fa, not, iy which complete, would be contalned (We els te ant or hd geet of 2 mt 2 song tala iom® of Mn a Os Sesion se a ‘n aca of kind two), and easly ons, sine, otherwise, 2, would contain four punta on 8 lane. Te fllows that the Sie ditnes points of Soq~Kiy lie q=1 by g-2 on the (U1) soaate of Ky, whence ry g—1)-R-9)-2 0 rom (1) i follows that ® xT 3a=1) . Let ws now dinote by H, the uumber of point common t0 Ke ‘nd to an arhtarly chose 8, of Sy The pint of Sy lying outside ‘he pcant ofthe Bf cap Kins ao 3g (Sla—3)— Hn be, "hongh sac of them the m6 and only eno meting Hy at fre ponanot bog to th aoe Se. Thom wets ng (F—) Ze-Garam, -H, nnst therefore satiety the equation ° ee-sk +4014 (P-H-2 Se) = Rquation (3) i can Be cay prove tas snaps two ral posi ‘ve oot, whatever bo given by (2). 1a our cass moreover, the 0018 tusk ba tro Stgers Ta fc, 113) has only the otager rot Hy Hom ‘heyeevious argument every hyperplane moots iy tthe ame number Hy ‘of poits; but thon aly every Sys has in common with iq th same Sone of pinta Infact equating the number of polats of Key, Deloging fo tbe q+ hyperplanes through am artisuely chosm S-, Dat octet o the nomber ot point of Ky aotaltated on the S., sre obtain tbe gualty (les) =x, ving 1 univoaly. Tenet we could rove, inductively with respect Bo tine rey Sy er elyr—2yopy 1) meets Hy st the eae hunter of pists, whlch depeds only wpon J. But this Is impossble tinge thee ovat eania aud tangents 4o Xf Whence our assertion ‘Than we have proved tint: ‘A ecessry contin forthe aiden of compte Ky not contained Sn ony cup of Ho ny tht the wun ember of (2) dan inege, an ‘hat epeaton (8) has to (pee tte root Hl avd Hy. Tf eveh @ ig tne hyperplanes of Seq tan be dood with rept ty Ki io to ‘Taji aprome eh of thom Bing. ot empty, cri 0 wheter thy fnoe or Hy points tn commen with Kee We observe tinty for r= 3)q=2 and r= 4,9= 8; the previous condi ae stated, ting = 8,2, ~3, y= 1'and I~, Gh= 5, ,~2 rmpeivly- Moreover, there eletvey exit a ad ‘ne contained in any eap of od tr, at we shall now prow ‘Aa example of tach a Slab evidently given by the verties of the tuudameotal vezabedron andthe unity pols o€ ab Sy) we can al ‘aly tn tht every compote Kiyisyrojetively equivalent to auch a5 ‘hn example of dp tan te obtainnd as fellows In an Sy, of coordinate Goaanaisash it us consder the verthes y (C=, 5) of the fearentl np, the uit pint C, and ho pats (0,1), 1, 1, Bh, Opp yy Bey 15 8p —Ly Ay BAL, Ay Uy Oy A, Bay 13,0), Mc 11 pots blong—ar Heat bo easly Sento the five Ietowing lipte quadie cones €, f= 1)--y8), projecting trom Ay the ‘el 30 pointe repetire BARE e teem Oy Baas tata =O “ BeBe OB =O, Fa BB HH =O, Fen OE, =O Te follows that the points constitute a 11-expj and als that, if among ‘thom there exit four pointe on s plant ome of thew canbe an ae (ijn 8} thereone they wll bo four among the points U; (= 1).0)8) tut ten bo eanly shown thatthe tart points ax four be ocr independent, Hence the i1-cap i ty To prove that fis om piles and not contained in any cap of Kind tvo, vues to how that {hough every point Pof Sy—1il there is one stant of Ts. Let @ ‘be the lige quadic intention of the cane C, wth the hyperplane 10. Than Qs the projection from 4 on % = 0 of the 10 ean ola of ify. If the pont P delangs tC,» the propety ie erdexts thers ot P(¢ Q) be the projcetion fom 44 of Pon 5 ~ 0. Trough ‘Peas i can be ually proved, bing q=8—there are tice scouts ‘of @, which, then, are the yrojetion fom 4, of the poanta of iy. ‘Thee oats meet he line 4yP at thea data ois, diferent from de, ‘hat eat the tee point of 4,P iffent trom (ads ¢ —3}- One nm of Bnd + «Geo ine ea 2 mong the tre ects mus, then, conta, and tis compe the ‘rots Purthran ie can be tay sosk—we hve hat every Hla of ‘isin ondor Sa projcnly eulalnt to the ky foe cole. "We prove now tat Cen Kym cvsinel in amy sap of Bind ta, 6 ne ri trary conn tept, ad fei an te 0 pl endo yom tach of the KL santiago, area the KY pete {hat ohatad i hone of ign @ we oan « mpl Pk or hee puts 2, (= 2,28) of che (23). mt jecom sided yng ou ane the Pane QU mt cota tt for SJonte of Ky (0 and she Shen further ponte intent by tho ies Big on Kgs sod hi i osponbn Thn [2G—paet therefore ocean an completa boone through every pot af Toye Hig hat a0 seat of Kegs wich Se evdetly aio ® seat a leita . rom thls re flows the comructn of 4 comple Atty staring bom the Ii peiouly omer $4. The embedding of a complete Ki, In a cap of kind twet In the foregoing paragraph wo have shown that for prteaar ‘alts of rand gy thre est Ky nut ontaied in any eap of Kind two. ‘Bat ah poir of valuee ave vather exoeptonal, a Hs shown by the following reaks TTumoNaa Let ws fe (8), we oan then deerme om inter gy 00h ‘hat for eeery 4> Go any Keg conned én a cop of Ni be, ‘pint of all, we prove the theorem for r= 3, Suppose that there exits a Hig aot contained ip any cap of Kind fo. There are obvloasly ‘Src panes of Hs moreover, i q> 2, tho are alo pants meet- ing Kiy ony at two Gin polss fo if pot, nah of the g-+1 planes ‘through s sect of ly hao father point fn eammon with the exp, fo that Ke=qh3, and by (1), @—2P—q-+2—0, which contradicts ‘ho bypotess #> 2 hen we Rave (cf $3, Sint proposition) I~ 3, BB trom (B) we aloo have Wy+H,— (OK +4—iig= 6, that St K'~ 2g), and by Gy f—e~ 0, whe Ie Gmpoasble, since @> 2 Te follows tat ‘cry Ki, with q> 2, is sonaina én a cap of Kind ton. Unt un naw prove the thorem for r > 4. We begin by establishing the folowing Lasocn Tet fos an ingen 134 am inde 6(2 <4 r—1, to olyomfle a) ond ie) wh Stee cofsins, and an integrons a ‘Th for an intr 42> 0, i Ye yonibe to find on tag 4 0h That (8h Aag—a)+oZahda)—114 anda) 03-2044 ho HE must Be He (20) eta Where as an Saeer ech that (hea EM eal —3+ “Flatel) a3} 2-8 4-43) = 0, sehr ays su) area ioe costnt and eo polynomial wih Sieur wots epost, wok com be exprased by means of i, Hoh wie “om Sj, A denoting a integer, we hav mediately ‘+e Sulitotng this expresion in (8 98 ge (Bhny Where fo) = Hg -20-29)e%0—), ssl) = (ect apg4g—1)— Ei ey = MON ec+2)~ 040) 20 ema eon Tot unsnrf=7a sdappo hatte er zien ¢> 2 (gered ix ah ted yap oad ro By es C1 To; nah a Sou yy aun) ma be ng, sen Me Hb= OR bee dM, = 00-23 ig we bar 218-2) =0(netg, Bokn2 = Ger N-2) <0 (ody rom hvala (ag 2) Km oes ftp ban nce Kt iy ye Dave ss iter tat gt Suing ti expen in Ste enor n) 2 gt) 0, ‘Mis ron edulis ih (4 for £2, wh fifo) = 3 4) <0 thd «y=0, Then, om the ln aod gnrg tae ik seve tos we ctu on tag ha tombe teeta) me we ge r Kata tat thet, as i i an nage Spend on and h(a) ae Inte ‘oie do net dont eter on oro rand ada ete terme Bisa wih spt bf te ae as Thom @) and Wh soaling Hat 43 nly ve ally ge tas, > FFM sa #3], 7S a re msm, wo deat by [a he naga pt of tae ar) 4 A= 200), On ep of Hed + © Geol rine 2s wre have |e] <1 and oo #y = 0, heretare (8) Beoomee Km bat ot bate (Om substting thi exprstion in (2) we got (eth bbe = mito ttactharsannaia Se ‘uality (7) a not an Kentty in (for, otborvsn, its eft-hand ie ould ‘bea plyuomal in go gre, with eading eee 2, and so r= 201 ad = 0 BF 35 but thir Se pon, y beng an in- tegen, Consoqaenty, i q> «ya ms be a vltion of equation (7. Theny ive denote by ge the maximum between and he gretert integer such of (7) we tobe with tho hearen Sn cory clonasion shows thatthe forgoing gy for r~ 4, equal to ui fartes, we gt that fr gS and qth righthand ade of (2) Ie nero integer Bence we dace hat ‘Beery le, with 3, mutt Be sonainal 6n a cp of Kind toe We now prove that: Beery Hig, with q=2,h 38,724 and Mr-btS = 20 mutt be onaied in xp of ind to. 1 rules to thow thit, under the hypotses above, the dlsei- rina a(g)= Sette gf (2) never eee For, on appOsg B(g) =e (a poskive integer, we have (anes a> 8): (os 20-2) mate = 6411, beac (a=2") >, and so: we (etay(e24) Bt this relation is sbrind, ance at presnt w > 28 We have, moreover, Sat very Klay i contained én a cap of Bid too or, s€ we suppose the dicrimnast of (2) 4(2)= 3040-7 = a (ture is postive Integer, we get Pec ct sqat—a) = a” snd thi i ponte $5. Construction of a Ky as Intersection of caps of kind ‘twor Brom the previa ela weave that ina apace 8 corresponding fave gourd choi of gy every cap of Kind thceand vo every iy eget ca at, (ct § 2) entained in 6 cap of Kind tw. Oar purpoe Is now to show that Ts auch am Say e009 Ky with 624, (8 the comple tortion oj Neapso} Kind fm where, > ptecte tne te-a() ° apiece cece ata eth 1 43 hn fay lag hip oan tamr t a t ep o ie o w cout Se as ec ne hate ap at se pete kia tet Fb pin ot Fee ee Ph, Lr ne i tick aft peace ‘ndu'Sau ae pe) as @ (2) ba pout ot PP Se ea orc ny tbe kop ance in oh Pee hot: Ie dnt pia Pang I Ce Fp na ose sn ist a nee tet toe as milagre Ota eee nF eames thf ning ela PP Py, Mente byte B= Ares) 8 ya ie ‘CP sow fx an (2b Sos of Ki. Mong pet t-(OGlle-)—(0—21) pointe, not telonging to the {'3') Sou oi mp log> Hg the cae! be any moat oe ee Gi wx th Bong 2 and sh ny sl estat Wet it faa tneeg ano ths as te tw on Bete Manton tebe tnd ws of teas ap mms Bn at Here eS Sal tom hae ot Prt med ree ernst sete tntt-(set ln, soe Se cue 46, Furthor results about the embedding of « fa cap of lower bind. Lot oi Si a Kiy(0>2) a for every integer nota by the suber of poset Sry through whieh there fa tae 5 fstcant Sof ig. Wo all prove that me (tenese (Se nrs + (SaueR, oe te gai sig i and ont i trong ery poof Bye op ‘uti each (—1)secant Sig of Hy thee te af mod an Cvteat Sy OF Eig for ba 1 We meal at he ott mabe of plate of Sy 4g slo ee, ‘a>2} bee bythe ten nme We esd Oy i, On pf Hind + Geo inna or, the posta ofan Sst ng on any acto oft imple ‘evenly (q—1)in mabe, Phra tho point of he (5) scan Sis ot i which do nt lie on any fee of the Lange S0° Rig sw min mame, where mic (F)(¢—2F% the ocnity hlaing if aad ‘only the potas of tha proposition ie mtd. Our statement follows ‘on adng the Hiitatons fest obtained, for Tm fy yy 35 ‘Beidently we have alo that 1) 1 (<4) & any postive integer, « acesary ond eificet condion 4 ener tha a” Ky in ot properly eontainad tn any cap of Kind A= ELtvecya i fh ney point of Spe Wee on at ae a becant Ss af fey tha Bm gro te rom thin et result aud by vttu of (8) i fllows that Bye Kg nel propa entained in any cap of Bind R= ty oy 8 then a) eben anes (Beare t leat wo ave tha, for ops Ht mt Bo (on patting (10) 4 cy ge tetre laure Eau anen. Tet wm now supposs for Kty +> and put e = ((e41)2I then, nas teagh ery point P of Byy nat Bag on oy (0 2)-rcont 3H, then det moet om Cacand Syn, of Kg. Por if through P ‘het ave fino wath spacey Brand any, tei erwction 5, (63, {Noor Pe) mor have i common with zy at most pola (tor 3 ‘ot, P mnt belong town (7--1)-scantSyot Kiq, and wo oan (™—1)s0cnt ‘eof Rtg) hn the space Sura-c= ey 8, tele Key at least i 217 antinet point, whieh suet therefore Bo dependant sod. 0 21—& SLA Bat tei pone sino 214 e-, Dang oC 112) Z loviys aod #20. Ly vata of the fat real ofthe prevent § 6, we hen tae that, if Co, tho equality sgn most bold ia (0). Sines Besar tae3, on puting Dike Ri mehuteet- [janes (Sja-nse), 1 lo for iy (49) eM aa) Dern K0, te We etuerve that D2, 45K) > DIB, r, KY> o> D 28 rani whenos for & Ky (638) by vitae, of (12) ot most D(oysy 45) may Pe aa. Hence, bag DtvgsK) = rte +Qe1—Ni i tS a, and ‘Dy virtue of rooond seal of tho prevent 0 we obtain that ‘Gore any Hig (623), oly fo ead may ovr ) Dioyr, 0) > 0, and then Hyde propery contained do last ‘one cap of Hn i wore # bec (Gl) Dloyr.g,K)—0, and en Ky te not properly contained in any ap of ind N= eyvcy Can so #-2 45 1 ft rea § 3); Du 025, Hay ts continad tne cap 0} Bind 2-1 (Ornuse then o—132 and Dien-i,ra,B)> 0) TE tly denotes the Dest postive fatager = attying (fe-ms a-nse—grtatett 90s saw foe» compl Xi bth (21) and (2) mst hl we Bove a ack ody oa a pov aa) ‘Then from (18) we se thet for any complete Hy having g stent Target rope tor, we ve as) (ato geet cK < PoE gro se a eee "Hay Ohyaater, Osos of ovr corny Bsary roup “peas Cai, An a6) 48 OED, yp. sts i etn 6 (80, 9p 88 Seer aia a a pc ry A A 8 Tie poe Rist 2,38.1060 Unitary products of arithmetical functions 2B. Com (Raorvl, Tenn.) 4 Introduetion, Tn this paper » and + wil rprecont, positive fntegee, The unary pda (cosvaltion) qn) of two arithmetical tunes fin gf) was defined In an earlier paper [1] By an r= Sno, ‘where tho summation i overall relatively prime paie 4, 8 uch thst Drow, that i, aver al complenentary yor 4, 8 of watary lvoe fof m It she condition, (4,8) =, Is romoved, the summation in (11) ‘comes whe ordinary Dit or art) product of the tunetions Haat in [1] the unitary produet was ed i treating several asymptote roles in laentary number tory Ibi the urpow of the present [sper to apply this rnthod to adaaional problems involving the dit ution of ate of Integr We sll we generar unitary inversion {orale proved a3 (Theorem 2.3). et ave ditint prime E20 Py cy Pr nd pa ay ator, fo that t= 0 in cate m=. Suppons # aud to bo poutine Integer. We dnote by Sos the set of integers ma (13) sue Bat each gi cesblo Dy eer aor 8 and by: St the sat ot ouch that cach «ls Gvisblo by fone of the ntaary a, bub nat by Both (#= 1, 0- Bor eal, Sala) {ind Ayla) will denote Che namber of m <2 contained in. Say aud Boy, ‘repedivly,Asymptotie repesintatons et Smale) abd Sis) avo deed nf under catan uatwral conditions oa a and D. ‘ar investigation of the dirtibaton of Sey snd Sip Involves the consderation of tro Giviaor fonctions, tsa) andy), defied a8 {sos (tho number of decompoctons of» nt arm» ‘wale sla) denote the number of such decompositions, under the