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Dean Endorsements Paint Picture of Special

Interest Candidate
No Support from Labor or Pro-Worker Organizations

(Nashville, TN) The Service Employees International Union (SEIU),

one of Nashville’s most influential labor organizations, has gone on the
offensive against mayoral candidate Karl Dean, who continues to gain
support from groups that favor big business and not working-class
citizens. Over the last two weeks, Dean was endorsed by the
Nashville Business Coalition and a new group called “Realtors for
Dean”, both of which are organized as political action committees
(PACs) that can contribute large amounts of cash to candidates
running for office.

“Dean’s endorsements are starting to paint a picture of a candidate who

is out to represent big business and developers, not people who punch
a timeclock and have to work for a living,” said Doug Collier, Director of
SEIU Local 205. “The more voters learn about where Karl Dean
stands, the clearer the choice on Election Day. If you stand for
moneyed special interests, then Karl Dean’s your guy. But if you want
someone in the Mayor’s office who cares about working people, then
the only choice is Bob Clement”.

Clement has received the endorsement from multiple labor unions that
represent thousands of working Nashvillians, including the SEIU (Metro
and school employees), the IAFF (firefighters), and both police
organizations – the Fraternal Order of Police and the Teamsters.
Clement also has the support of the Building and Trades Council, the
Communications Workers of America, and the Central Labor Council –
middle Tennessee’s umbrella labor organization. Karl Dean has not
gotten support from any labor organization affiliated with either the
AFL-CIO or the CTW (Change to Win) coalitions.

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