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moooookko Cooperation

Quarter2 # Report <40>

General Summary of Quarter 2
My business is located in Toshkent, Uzbekistan and I will expand business to another
country. In this quarter I didnt open or close any enterprise. But I expand my store, add more
various supplies, and hire more employees to support enough customers. Because my stores are
bigger so customers are increase. And I need more employees to serve all customer and it make
efficiency become very high.
My goals of quarter 1 are to Expand store area, Open new store, and increase more quality supply. I
can achieve 2 goals of these future plans and make a lot of profit and growth in my company. In this
quarter I also try to use an advertisement to promote our store and invite more customer. But this is
doesnt work and waste a lot of money because a number of customer that visit our store still the same so
decided to cancel it. In next quarter I will start to achieve the second goal, which is open new store. Lets
see which country that I will open a new business and how many profit I will get from it.

Asset Structure

$$ Millions



Raw Materials &




Equipment and


Production Expens e; 0% S alary; 4%

Facility Rent; 20%
Cus toms Duties ; 2%
Products Purchas e; 75%

Summary of Financial Profits and Losses

All of my stores almost make profit in every week. Some week I spend a lot of money for
purchase products to add in trade hall. But cannot sell all of the products that I purchased. I also
spend a lot of money for invest business include with Facility rent, and increased employees salary
because raise employees salary can make more efficiency in our office. And office is the main part of the
business because if we not have good employees enough, it will effect qualification and productivity of
business. However, my company profits still increase doubled from quarter 1.

Expand store area to support enough supply and customer

Raise employees salary- to make more efficiency

Increase supply increase of quantity and add more various supplies.

Increase more quality of supply to make customer reliable to our product.

Advertisement to promote our store and invite more customers.

Warattaya Deesomlert (Mook)

11 January 2014

moooookko Cooperation
Quarter2 # Report <40>
Dynamics assets value

Week 22Week 23Week 24Week 25Week 26

Week 18Week 19Week 20Week 21
Week 17
Week 16
Week 14Week 15

According to the graph, you can see that my business is growth very well. My Company assets is
increased and increased continuously. And I can earn money around 14,000,000$ in 13 weeks. By the
way there are a sponsor that always support us by give money to invest a business. However, I will try
to increase an assets from a customers not from a sponsor because profit from a customer show that
my business is growth constantly.

Plan for future growth and profit

1. Expand to other

2. Open new store

3. Invite more customer

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11 Januar2014