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Executive summary
• This project aims to find out the various
factors influencing the consumer
decision while makinga purchase of a
fruit drink in the age group of 19-30 in
the city of lucknow.
• we will also try to identify the most
preferred shopping channel of
beverages for a consumer.

• The beverage market in India is
worth 2074.67 Million INR.
• The major portion of the market is
still dominated by the carbonated
soft drinks there is major shift
towards the Juice segment.
• There was a growth of 31.52% in the
Juice segment from 2007 to 2008.
Data collection methods
• a) Secondary Research

• External secondary data has been generated to obtain volume of

sales regarding beverage markets, fruit drinks, each of the
brands and the positioning of each of the brands.

• b) Survey Research

• Data was collected from candidates using questionnaire. The

questionnaire was distributed in colleges and people on the

 we distributed the questionnaires outside the shops to gather

data from people who had come to visit there.

• we made an online questionnaire and circulated on the internet

and gathered results from those.
• The aim was to collect 100 samples for the analysis. The
samples should be such that they are consumers of
fruit drinks.
• we also tried to get an adequate ratio of men and women
in the samples.
• The main demographics targeted were the younger age
group as they are more health conscious and aware of
such health drinks.
• we tried to focus more on the college going crowd and
young professionals as they would be more interested
in trying out new products and were more conscious
• Factor 1: Health and Hygiene
 Packet cleanliness
 Nutrition Value
 Expiry Date

• Factor 2: Media Influence
 Promotion Schemes
 Brand Value
 AD Frequency

• Factor 3: Convenience
 Range of flavors
 Availability

• Factor 4: Product Feature
 price
 flavor
• Factor 5: Package Design
 Visual Packaging

 Attributes those were not important

 brand ambasder
 quality
• There is high association between choice of
channel and factors affecting the choice of
channel. (those people who consider
availability and nearness as their factor
affecting the choice of channel might prefer
buying fruit drink from retail stores or
grocery stores)

• There is no association between purchase
frequency and gender.

• People prefer smaller packs than high

• That people drinking fruit drinks for
refreshment purpose generally buy more
as compared to others.

• There was a significant correlation between brand
Real and the following reasons for
 drinking :
 Health
 Enjoyment
 Attitude
• There was a significant correlation between brand
Frooti and the following reasons for drinking:
 Taste
 Mental lift

• There was a significant correlation between
brand Pulpy Orange and the following
reasons for drinking :Attitude

• There was a no correlation between brand
Slice and the various reasons for drinking.

• There was a significant correlation between
brand Twister and the following reasons
for drinking: Taste and mental lift
• With the help of correlation we was able to
identify the attributes that consumers
associate with the various fruit drinks and
which in turn drive their purchase decision
for the same
• Tropicana is associated with health and
enjoyment whereas Appy is associated
with socialising. These reflect the
perceptions of the various fruit drinks in the
mind of the consumers
• On the other hand there is no impact of
gender on purchasing frequency for fruit
• There is a high association between the
channels preferred and the factors
affecting these channels. The most
important factor came out to be location
or nearness of the channel.

• we found out that the most preferred
channel for purchase in retail stores.
The most preferred SKU is 200ml packs
which could be due to convenience.

• The most preferred drink is Frooti followed
by Tropicana and Real.