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Eriol Begolli

Geography 1100
Globalization and Food

Strawberry The first strawberry was cultivated in France. In the 18th century. Prior to this it
was a wild fruit used for many purposes. In ancient Rome, strawberries were used for medical
purposes. The French kings had strawberries grown in their garden from 1364 to 1380. Monks
also used the wild strawberries in their illuminated manuscripts. The fruit originated from the
wild woods of Western Europe. The price for one unit of strawberries ranges from $2 - $4.

Grapes The earliest known date for cultivating grapes was in Georgia, Europe between 6000
and 8000 years ago. At this time people found out how to make alcoholic beverages with grapes
such as wine. The oldest winery was found in Armenia dating to about 4000BC. In the 9th
century AD, grapes were being cultivated all over Europe and Middle East. The city of Shiraz in
ancient Persia was known for producing the best wine in the world. The price for one unit of
grapes also ranges between $2 - $4 depending on the location of where you live.

Cherries Cherries date back to 72BC where they were first discovered in Armenia in the
Middle East. They were first brought to Europe by the king of Rome who wanted to start
cultivating them. Then they spread out all over Europe, Asia, and parts of Northern Africa. The
price for a unit of cherries is very expensive and they range between $5 - $8 also depending on

No eating food from different continents does not make me connect with the farmers. When I
shop from food I dont usually know where the food came from, I just worry about buying it and
consuming it. I never think twice about what the farmer has gone through to produce that food
and export it to me. I do not feel connected with the farmer because I do not share his
experience and what it takes to grow the food and feed people across the world.
Yes eating food from different continents makes me a global citizen because I am involved in
globalization. Only in an isolated society where everything is produced within the community,
then that does not make me a global citizen. However, in todays world, products are made all
over the world and countries trade with one another. If I interact on a daily basis with these
products then I am a global citizen.