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AS Biology

Genetics Article Assignment

DUE: Monday, Feb.

9/ Tuesday, Feb. 10

Name: _____________________________________________________ Date:

___________ Class: __________
1. Choose a Topic: Choose a topic (perhaps a controversy, current research focus, or
disease related to genetics). Ive listed a lot of suggested topics on my Weebly.
2. Search: Find an article related to the topic.
Ive posted many helpful links on my Weebly. Go to my Weebly
( Biology Unit 6: Genetic Control
Genetics Article Assignment
More suggested sites: NY Times (either the Science or Health pages),
Time Magazine (Health section), National Geographic News,,, etc.
3. Read: Read the entire article. The article must be at least 5 paragraphs long, but this
assignment will be easier if its longer.
4. Summary and Importance: Write 1-2 paragraphs summarizing the news
article/current event/research/opinion
a. What is the topic of the article? Include important details.
b. Include a summary of key points and content of the article.
c. Consider why the article was written (purpose and audience).
d. How does the topic impact the world for better or worse?
5. Biology Connection: Write 1 paragraph describing the relationship of the
article/event to biology content. Include vocabulary words from class or use the
Internet to define important scientific terms in the article.
6. Reflection: Write 1 reflection paragraph.
a. What is your opinion of the article? What surprised/interested you when reading
b. What did you know about the subject of the article prior to reading it?
c. How does the article affect you personally?
d. What more would you like to learn about the topic discussed?
7. Citation: Please cite your article at the end using APA guidelines. For assistance, I
**The citation does NOT count towards your page limit


1-2 pages typed and double-spaced. You may email it to me or share it on Google
o If you are unable to type it, please neatly handwrite it. It should be 1-2 pages
single-spaced if handwritten.
Follow APA Guidelines:
o Double-spaced, 12 pt Times New Roman font, 1 margins
1 paragraph is at least 5 sentences

AS Biology
Genetics Article Assignment

DUE: Monday, Feb.

9/ Tuesday, Feb. 10

Please use subtitles/headings before each section

Follow grammar and punctuation rules
Be very careful not to accidentally plagiarize. Everything should be in your own
words. Any additional sources that you use to help you understand the article
should be cited as well.

AS Biology
Genetics Article Assignment


DUE: Monday, Feb.

9/ Tuesday, Feb. 10

Summary and Importance:
o Accurate summary
o Addresses the who, what, where, when, why, and how
of the article, as appropriate
o Discusses the importance of the event to the
advancement of science
o Appropriate depth

Connection to Biology:
o Uses vocabulary words from class
o Gives proper background of the science of the article
o Connects to concepts and material learned in class

Personal Reflection:
o Insightfully reflects on the personal connection to the
o Explains why the article was of interest to the student
and what the student knew prior to reading the article
o Discusses areas in which the student would like to
learn mroe

Article and Citation:

o Use reliable news source
o Cites article used

Format and Conventions:

o Follow all guidelines specified above for the format
o Impersonal tense used (with exception of Reflection
o Subtitles/headings before each section
o Follows grammar, spelling, and punctuation rules
o Appropriate page length

Total Score