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PARENT Sunshine Gardens

November ‘09
Issue 2
* Building Resiliency in your Child *
What is Resiliency? 6 Steps to Fostering Resiliency at
Resiliency is the ability to spring back, School & Home
rebound, successfully adapt in the face of
adversity, and develop social, academic, 1. Increase bonding. Children with strong
and vocational competence despite positive bonds with any prosocial person or
exposure to severe stress or simply to the activity are far less likely to be involved in
stress that is inherent in today’s world. risk behaviors.
2. Set clear & consistent boundaries:
Every student today, indeed every person Development and consistency of school rules
young and old, needs to develop resiliency. and procedures as well as appropriate
consequences that are consistently enforced.
3. Teach life skills: cooperation, healthy
Resilient conflict resolution, communication skills,
problem solving and decision-making skills,
Characteristics and healthy stress management.
In Children 4. Caring & support: Provide an unconditional
positive regard and encouragement.
5. Set & communicate high expectations: It is
important that expectations be both high
 Life skills such as problem solving,
and realistic in order to be effective.
critical thinking, and impulse control
6. Provide opportunities for meaningful
 Self-motivation
participation. Students, their families and
 Positive view of personal future
staff should have responsibility for what
 Have special interests, goals, and
goes on in school, providing opportunities for
motivation to achieve in school and in
problem solving, decision-making, planning,
goal setting, and helping others.
 Sociability; ability to be a friend;
ability to form positive relationships
 Sense of humor
If all six approaches are implemented,
 Autonomy, independence
results will bring about an increase in positive
 Flexibility
self-esteem, attachment to school, a belief
 Feelings of self-worth and self-
in rules, and higher standardized test
scores, as well as significant decreases in
delinquency, drug use, and suspensions for

Prepared by Shrein Bahrami, MA, MFTI, Sunshine Gardens’ Marriage and Family Therapist Intern
Please contact her at with comments, questions, or suggestions for future issues.