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The C-Test is one of the exercise types which appear in your end of year exam.

The CTest testsreading comprehension, vocabulary, grammatical knowledge and

the ability to use language in a given context. It consists of completing texts in which
alternate words have missing letters. To finish the words you need to add the same
number of letters as those given (words with an even number of letters) or one more
(words with an uneven number of letters).
exercise would be missing cise.
example would be missing mple.
The C-Tests are organized in groups of four.

Feeding pigeons in London ' s Trafalgar Square is now illegal, after a new law came in
to force on Monday. Anyone found giving food to the famous feathered pests will now
get a 50 fine. Megaphones ha
2002. Ken Livingstone, Ma


140, 000 o

damage t

opened af

25 millionw


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the squ

to frig
said pig

. The squ

spent do

have wor

pigeons aw

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if t

had cau
was rece
. Ken sa

square w

up t

" No

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still infested with

thousands of pigeons ". But groups of pigeon supporters are planning to break the law
and continue to feed the birds.