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Agung Andrea
Joshua Blackburn
Physical Health Education
19 November 2014
Abusive Relationships
What people have in my about relationships is dating, but there are also relationship with
friends, family, teachers, and others. Definition of relationships is the way in which two or more
people or things are connected. As we all know, relationships can be good and bad. A healthy and a
good relationship is build through trust and respect.(Kidshealth par. 6) Healthy relationship can
make you feel better in the community and not dealing with stress and others. In the other way,
Abusive relationship is the opposite. Abusive relationship can be defined into three main things,
there are the physical & sexual abuse abuse, emotional abuse, and reliance on the abusive partner.
(Kidshealth par.7) Effects of abusive relationship causes side effects that can increase the stress
level of human body. Physical abuse can be in form of bullying, or just simply hitting. Unclear
relationships is a very complicated and there are many problems that will happen.
The first abusive relationships is physical abuse. Now physical abuse a really harsh thing
and a violent thing. We all know what physical abuses is. It is a very common thing almost in every
where around the world. An abusive relationship triggers the physical abuse. Its only only physical
abuse that they do but also sexual abuse. The violent behaviour typically begins between the age of
12 and 18. (abusive relationship, par.1) This physical abuse does not only happen to girls but also
boys. Physical abuse can be in a form of hitting or any other things that can cause pain. People
sometimes does not realise that they are in an abusive relationship and the result is fatal. Physical
abuse can cause bruises in their body and also physical abuse is connected to emotional abuse. All
of them are like a chain and it will make them feel uncomfortable. Not only physical abuse but there
is also sexual abuse that will make the partner feel uncomfortable. The partner will be forced into

any type of sexual experiences that you dont want. (Kidshealth, pg.1 par.9) For you information,
girls and women in the age of 16 and 24 experienced the highest rate of intimate partner violence.
Some of the people want to stay on that relationship for different kind of reason. It could be said
that 1 in 3 teens experienced some kind of abuse in their romantic relationship and 1 in 5 high
school girls are physically or sexually hurt by dating partner. (Labmf)
The next form of abusive relationship is emotional abuse. Emotional abuse is dangerous
thing because it can cause pressure and the partner will go out of control and can cause bad things
to happen. Emotional abuse includes things like teasing, bullying, and humiliating others. (-) It is
hard to recognise if someone is in a emotional abuse or not because it does not leave any visible
scars in the body. Abusive relationship can hurt not just during the time its happening, but also long
after too. It is like a scar that will never fade away. Emotional abuse includes a lot of things. Fear is
one of the factor of this emotional abuse, the person might feel afraid of what will happen if they
decide to break up. The other person might threaten them and they are scared of breaking up for the
sake of safety. People who really loves the person for some reason sometimes does not want to
break up for any reason. Even though she or he is hurt, they still want to maintain the relationship.
They also sometimes maintain the relationship because they are embarrassed when they break up to
other people. People also stay in abusive relationship because of pressure. There is something called
social pressure. So the abuser is a famous guy and when the victim is trying to tell the truth, nobody
will ever believe him or her. (loveisrespect, par.3)
The last thing that will be discussed here is reliance on the abusive partner. Sometimes there
are reason that we would like to go on a relationship. It is something that the other person have.
Example, we would go on a relationship if this person have a Ferrari. That commonly happen in the
community. Lack of money is a factor of staying in a abusive relationship. They are financially
depended on their abusive partner. Without money, it seems that it is impossible for them to leave
the relationship. No place to go is also a factor of staying in a abusive relationship. They will stay in

a abusive relationship because they have no where to go. They do not have a house, or even any
other place to go. There are signs that our friends in a stage of abusive relationship. There are
unexplained bruises, broken bones, sprains, or marks. They also would like to avoid things that is
includes social activities such as school, gathering, and others. Also the excuses does not make
sense. (Kidshealth, pg.2)
As a conclusion, a friend who is in a abusive relationship needs a friend who will help. who
is patient, loving, and understanding. He or she needs encouragement to realise that they need to get
out of that abusive relationship. Most of all, they need someone who will listen to them without
judging but instead helping them to solve it out.


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