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The Leaders for Change Award honours the unique contribution of an individual who through his or her exceptional vision, perseverance and commitment has redefined or strengthened the need for change in our society. The recipient of this award will be someone who has demonstrated an effort to strive for change in a way that positively impacted the lives of others. This award recognizes a determined individual whose efforts are characterized by a dedication to leadership, a vision for change and a desire to enhance the lives of others, : 2015 Award Recipient: | Bernie M, Farber Bernie M. Farber is one of Canada’s leading experts on minority and human rights, race relations, the Holocaust and antisemitism. For more than a decade, Mr. Farber worked with the Ottawa Jewish Community Centre as its Pro- gram Director and then for the Youth Services Bureau and the Children’s Aid Society in Ottawa, specializing in assisting at-risk youth and battered women, After moving to Toronto, he worked with the Canadian Jewish Congress eventually assuming the role as its CEO from 2005-2011. ‘Mr. Farber serves and has served on several local and provincial boards, including the North York Committee for Community Race and Ethnic Relations, the York Region Community Safety Com mittee and the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police. He was appointed by the Attorney-General of Ontario to serve on the Hate Crimes Community Working Group. He also serves as Chair of the Jewish Humanitarian group Ve'ahavta and he also Chairs the Rights and Ethics Committee for the Toronto Association for Community Living and serves as a trustee for Paloma Foundation, providing assistance for homeless youth. Mr, Farber was recently awarded the Meir Hospital's Medal of Honour. He is also a recipient of Can- ada's Centennial Medal and Diamond Jubilee Medal, an Order of Commendation from the Venerable Order of St, John as well as the Ontario Certificate of Merit by the Premier of Ontario for his work in race relations. Mr, Farber has also been presented with the Zaionz Award for Excellence in Jewish Communal Service. Mr. Fatber is a frequent writer for many national and international newspapers where he has authored thoughtful pieces on human and civil rights matters and is a regular colurn- \ nist with the Canadian Jewish News. He is a sought after speaker and has addressed audiences in | Canada, the United States, Europe and Israel, Today Mr. Farber administers Dr. Michael Dan's “Paloma Foundation’ as its CEO. The Foundation pro= Vides training and support for Toronto’ homeless youth shelters. In addition Mr. Farber is working ; with Dr. Dan who has endowed the University of Toronto's Dalla Lana School of Public Health with a $10 million gift to develop an Indigenous Health and Wellness Institute. !