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The Focused Recycling Initiative at Bacardi Bottling


Located in Jacksonville, Florida, Bacardi Bottling Corporation

performs the final blending procedure for BACARD rum before it
hits shelves in North America. More than 200 employees make
the process possible, and each day these individuals maintain a
dedication not just to making a quality product but also to making
a sustainable one. Recycling nearly all materials generated and
used in the process, the processing plant strives to send as little
waste to the landfills as possible.
Through the Good Spirited sustainability program, Bacardi aims
to eliminate all landfill waste from its production sites around the
world by 2022. The Jacksonville facility perfectly represents this
dedication to the environment. Last year alone, the site recycled 3
tons of office paper, largely due to efforts to make sustainability a
central part of the Bacardi corporate culture.
Bacardi began tracking its global impact on the environment in
2006. Since that time, the company has reduced nonrenewable
energy use and greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 30 percent.