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Cindy M.

Contact Info
(CHEN office)

Department of Chemical
214 Jack E. Brown Bldg
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX 778433122

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Curriculum Vita

Having taught college-level writing courses and worked in curriculum development at Texas A&M University for over 27
years, I have experience in technical communication instruction, program and curriculum development, assessment, teacher
training, innovative technologies, and educational research. I am committed to investigating and applying how new
pedagogical methods can be used to foster lifelong learning, prepare students to hone critical-thinking skills, and to adapt to
ever-changing workplace environments. My teaching goal: to equip students with essential technical communication skills
applied within relevant, contemporary contexts and to inspire students to discover creative, yet viable, solutions to
workplace communication challenges.
Master of Arts in English with emphasis in rhetoric and composition and linguistics from Texas A&M University,
December 1986
Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education with emphasis in English from Texas A&M University,
December 1984

Teaching &

Taught college-level technical writing and other composition courses for over 27 years in
regular and computer classrooms as well as in web-delivered and flipped formats.
Prepared curriculum and materials for a technical communication course specifically targeting
TAMU chemical engineering students.
Taught professional development online course on developing academic ePortfolios to graduate
students in STEM disciplines.
Taught a First-Year Seminar, one of the High-Impact Practices supported by the TAMU Office
of the Provost. Curriculum required students to use a sophisticated, interactive virtual
technology, Second Life, to learn about teamwork and communication as they also learned
about meeting the expectations of university life.
Assembled and created resources for developing an online portfolio that integrates program
learning outcomes of a TAMU academic department, culminating in a student capstone project
and a program assessment tool.
Instructed chemical engineering students at main campus and abroad (TAMU Qatar) on team
building and problem solving using virtual world technology and on using collaborative
technology tools for documentation.
Developed curriculum and materials for meeting experiential learning outcomes of students at
Higher Colleges of TechnologyFujairah in the United Arab Emirates.
Contributed to the curriculum development of several core college-level writing courses
through participation in writing committees and pilot programs, emphasizing inquired-guided
instruction, emerging technologies, and assessment tools relevant to critical thinking and
workplace writing.
Developed writing curriculum for science and engineering students to prepare them for creating
lab reports that met IEEE writing standards, including documentation, style, format, graphics,
and organization of material.
Provided technical writing instruction, including assessment of work, to approximately 275
students per semester enrolled in a physics course for science and engineering majors.

Administrating &

Web Design,
Management, &


Supervised honors scholarship recipients in a special topics honors seminar.

Wrote curriculum for Undergraduate Research Fellows Program to comply with Writing
Intensive course requirements.
Coordinated and led workshops for instructing Research Fellows on writing their theses.
Taught special online honors section of Technical Writing to Research Fellows.
Instructed honors students in liberal arts (LBAR) independent studies, one focusing on
fundamentals of grammar and style to prepare the student for analyzing texts and describing
how language and syntax influence a readers response to a document.
Served as faculty mentor to new teaching assistants with full teaching responsibility in CTE-led
workshops for new GATs. Provided support to lead TAs responsible for training new GATs
during teaching workshops.
Trained GATs on how to normalize grading of papers prepared for an Engineering Ethics
course. Developed resources including rubrics and other materials to assist graders in assessing
student work accurately and in providing meaningful feedback.
Supervised the University Undergraduate Research Fellows Program, where selected
participants completed in-depth research in their disciplines, each culminating in a senior
honors thesis and 3 presentations.
Coordinated all program functions for Research Fellows as they completed their senior honors
theses; organized groups and presentation schedules; provided thesis writing instruction; served
as point-of-contact for students and advisors; evaluated progress and completion of theses
according to department and manual standards; oversaw theses publication at the Digital
Repository at Texas A&M.
Trained and supervised graduate teaching assistants of a physics course for science and
engineering students containing a technical writing component.
Trained graders as part of a course assessment completed by the Center for Teaching
Coordinated and supervised evening and summer Bible studies for approximately 150 women
at my local church; organized small groups and recruited group leaders; selected and ordered
materials for all studies; secured facilities for group meetings; led small groups.
Coordinated and supervised the Writing Outreach Program, a series of mini-courses on various
aspects of writing for the university and local community.
Served on the TAMU Freshman English Committee to develop the Freshman English
curriculum. Projects involved selecting textbooks, determining curriculum requirements, and
training teachers.
Created and managed website of technical communication resources CHEN 301: Engineering
Workplace Writing. See
Taught online course to graduate students using web-conferencing platform Blackboard
Served as member of strategic advisory group and beta tester for Provided support
in launching use of voice comment tool in the grade and feedback tool, GradeMark. See Press
Release May 15, 2012.
Created and maintained course web sites using course management software, eLearning/Blackboard and Moodle, to manage resources and instruct students enrolled in
technical writing courses.
Created websites and on-line materials for technical writing course instruction in both the
English and Physics departments.
Maintained Research Fellows web page and updated instructional and program resources
located on the Honors Programs web site.
Used online programs, Calibrated Peer Review and, to assess student writing.
Advise TAMU-recognized student group: Aggie Sisters for Christ.
Moderated multiple presentations at TAMU Assessment Conferences.
Participated on the university e-portfolio committee to select software for use by TAMU
students, faculty, and administrators for career and program assessment purposes.

Writing, Editing, &


Served on the Womens Ministry Board to help plan the direction of womens ministries at
Grace Bible Church.
Served on the DEIC (District Educational Instructional Committee), an advisory panel to
CSISDs school board.
Served on Grade Appeals Panel within the Writing Programs Office.
Mentored new graduate assistant teachers.
Led Bible studies at my local church (Grace Bible Church) and participated in leadership
development workshops, leader meetings, and service projects.
Served as the leaders coach for evening Bible study leaders at Grace Bible Church, facilitated
discussion during pastor-lead teaching and training of small group leaders, helped problem
solving and strategizing to meet small group goals.
Co-led a class for newcomers at our church with the purpose of describing the church mission
and vision, programs, ministry opportunities, and church membership requirements.
Completed 6 years of English undergraduate and graduate work in composition, literature,
teaching methodology, rhetorical theory, business and technical writing, and linguistics.
Coursework included extensive research projects and papers.
Received IRB approval to complete 2 research projects: (1) Using Student to Assess Course and
Program-Level Outcomes (2) Technical Writing Using Virtual Environments. Research has
resulted in multiple national conference presentations, a book chapter, and peer-reviewed
journal article.
Wrote curriculum development grant proposals as well as proposals for conference papers and
presentations to advance my understanding of teaching methodology and student learning.
Maintain an online journal of my professional activities, including reflections that assess
methods in order to improve my teaching. Available at
Edited and reviewed multiple textbooks and instructors manuals for teaching technical
Surveyed current instructors of writing-intensive courses and assessed current practices to
determine the best uses of technology to teach writing. Reported findings at a conference for
teaching with technology.
Completed postgraduate research project and presented a paper at an SCMLA (South Central
Modern Languages Association) conference.
Wrote sub-committee reports for the TAMU Freshman English Committee and an annual report
for the TAMU Department of Parking, Traffic, and Transportation; edited a feasibility study for
the U.S. Department of Energy from the Texas Engineering Extension Service; co-authored a
report on the Visual Physics program including assessment of technical writing instruction.
Edited drafts and revisions of student papers including essays, short and long reports, business
letters, memos, manuals, brochures, and websites; proofread and evaluated hundreds of
documents per semester.
Edited, revised, and proofread reports, proposals, brochures, and newsletter articles prepared by
staff at a non-profit organization for education agencies and practitioners.
Proofread monthly editions of a local magazine (Insite Magazine).

Texas A&M University
Department of Chemical Engineering
August 2010 to present
Teach technical writing to chemical engineering students.
Department of English
January 2005 to August 2010
Taught technical writing and rhetoric and composition courses (honors and
regular) in various platforms, including web-delivered, face-to-face, and hybrid to
students from many different disciplines.

Office of Honors Programs

July 2005 to August 2008
Undergraduate Research Fellows Program Coordinator
Coordinated all functions of this yearlong senior-level honors program.
Office of Honors Programs & Academic Scholarships
January 2005 to July 2005
Thesis Supervisor
Instructed and supervised student participants in the University Undergraduate
Research Fellows Program on completing their undergraduate theses.
Department of Physics
August 2003 to December 2004
Instructed students enrolled in Physics 218, an introductory physics course for
science and engineering majors, on how to prepare scientific papers including
technical reports and memos.
Department of English
August 1994 to May 2003

Taught technical writing courses to college students of various academic


Office of Honors Programs & Academic Scholarships

September 2001 to May 2003
Faculty Mentor
Instructed small groups of students in the University Scholars Program.
Center for Academic Enhancement
January 1992 to January 1993
Taught a developmental reading lab designed to improve the reading skills
of students needing Texas Academic Skills Program (TASP) remedial
work and to meet state TASP requirements. Taught academic
support programs and workshops for enrolled students.
Department of English
August 1989 to January 1992
Taught Technical Writing and Rhetoric and Composition to college students of
various academic disciplines.
Intercultural Development Research Association
November 1988 to June 1989
Education Editor
Edited materials and supervised the production and dissemination of all documents
written by IDRA staff and outside contributors.
San Antonio ISD Continuing Education
January 1989 to May 1989
English Instructor
Taught adults basic grammar and writing skills.
Texas A&M University
Department of English
January 1987 to July 1988

Taught Technical Writing and Rhetoric and Composition courses.

August 1987 to December 1987

Assistant to the Director of Freshman English
Helped plan and develop the Freshman English Program as a co-instructor and an
advisor to all GATs, as a member of the Freshman English Committee, and as the
coordinator and supervisor of the Writing Outreach Program.
January 1985 to December 1986
Graduate Teaching Assistant
Taught 12 sections of Freshman English (Composition and Rhetoric) courses with

full responsibility for 2 sections of 25 students each semester.

A&M Consolidated High School
August 1984 to December 1984
Student Teacher
Taught 11th grade regular and honors English courses.
Center for Teaching Excellence (TAMU)
June 2014 to September 2014 Co-teach a course Preparing Your Academic ePortfolio to graduate students in
STEM disciplines in conjunction with TAMU participation in CIRTL (Center for
the Integration of Research, Teaching, and Learning). Participate in development
and delivery of the CTE Teaching Assistant Institute to prepare graduate assistants
for their course instruction responsibilities.
June 2013 to September 2013 Created online portfolio builders for faculty including resources for developing a
course portfolio and teaching statement and philosophy. See TAMU Portfolio
June 2012 to September 2012 Developed resources within the CTE portal that faculty can use to facilitate and
assess high-impact practices. See Using Reflection to Assess High-Impact
June 2011 to August 2011

Developed rubrics for assessing program-level outcomes for the Department

of Ecosystems & Science Management. Created instructional resources for faculty
of capstone courses in the use of an online portfolio tool that will integrate
program-level outcomes and will display student work for career and post-graduate

Masters of Land and Property Development (TAMU Architecture)

December 2011 to present
Consulted department faculty in the Master of Land and Property Development
Program (Department of Architecture) on the use of an integrated learning portfolio
for assessing program-level outcomes. Presented at retreat and prepared materials
for graduate student assessment including an integrative learning portfolio used in
the MLPD defense.
College of Engineering (TAMU)
August- September 2012

Advised program director and faculty support staff on the use of reflection in
directing program and course learning outcomes beginning with freshman core
courses: ENGR 111 and 112. Invited workshop speaker.

Leadership Development International (LDi)

May 2010 to August 2010
Investigated the instructional and training needs of an international
client (Higher Colleges of Technology in the UAE) and developed
resources (experiential learning modules and comprehensive reference list
of resources to be added to database). Presented a mixed-reality
virtual presentation to a client in the UAE on the educational uses of
virtual world technologies.

Center for Teaching Excellence Teaching Academy Speaker

Faculty Mentor to GAT (1987, 1989-90, 97, 99, 04, 05, 06)
2009, 2010 Student Led Award for Teaching Excellence
Betty M. Unterberger Award for Research Fellows Advising

Center for Teaching Excellence Teaching

Academy Certificate (2011-12)
IRB certified (September 2011) Advisory Board (2011)

SCMLA Fall Conference Presentation (1987)

Freshman English Committee (1987, 1989-90)

Summer Institute for Instructional Technology Innovation,

$3000 (2008)
Technology Assisted Teaching Award, $1500 (2005)

Grade Appeals Panel (2002-03, 05)

University Scholars Enrichment Grant (2001, 2002, 2003)
Honors Curriculum Development Grant (1999)

TAMU GAT Mentor (1987, 1999, 2004, 2005,

2008, 2009)
Writing Outreach Instructor (1985-87)
Texas Teaching Certificate (1984)
Magna Cum Laude, TAMU (1984)


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Measuring Effectiveness. Workshop by Dr. George Kuh. 3 October 2013.

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Online Course
Web Site
Assessment Tools

Graphics, Video
and Audio Capture

Google Sites
Weebly and
Calibrated Peer
QR Codes
Camtasia (Screencast)
Media Matrix

Taught online course using virtual meeting rooms and

synchronous features (polling, whiteboard, chat, screen
sharing, voice and video)
Store files, create assignments, assess student work, enter
grades, manage discussions, post announcements,
maintain course calendar
Same as above
Create course site, ePortfolios, course resources,
collaborative projects, journals
Detect plagiarism, mark and comment on student work


Assess student work


Gather and record student input on course topics

Assess learning on course topics
Access online materials from mobile devices
Create infographics for course assignments
Create tutorials for courses, showing how tech tools work
Record podcasts for courses
Store and upload podcasts
Create videos for course projects
Store streaming video
Create and maintain department online tech
communication resources
Store files on cloud-based server



TAMU Digital
Google Drive
Google Groups

Online Interactive
Social Media

Google Hangouts
Second Life

Online Portfolio


Online Journal

Blogger, WordPress

Uploaded, organized, and managed undergraduate theses


Collaborate with colleagues to create documents and

presentations; manage online portfolio
Manage professional group: TAMU Team-Based
Learning; manage
Meet with TAs and students to facilitate course outcomes
Mindmap, collaborate, and present
Same as above; provide commentary via video and audio
Converse with peer professionals
Deliver presentations
Upload presentations for online access


Join professional groups, network with professional peers;

manage CHEN 301 Facebook groups
Network with peer professionals and former students
Network with peer professionals, instruct students, attend
conferences, display student work
Manage, edit, highlight and share bookmarks
Network with peers
Instruct students on how to demonstrate professional
competencies through online software; manage
professional portfolio
Assess software for possible adoption by university
Reflect on and assess teaching methods and experiences