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Class Outline

1. Unit 1
o Sets
o Subsets of the Real Numbers
o Axioms of Addition and Multiplication
o Axioms of Equality
o Orders of Operation
2. Factoring
o Operations with polynomials (+, -, x)
o Common Factors
o Difference of Squares.
o Sum and Differences of Cubes
o Trinomials with Binomial Factors

Guess and Check.

Split the Middle Term.

o Factoring by Grouping
3. Exponents and Radicals
o Properties of Exponents
o Scientific Notation

One significant digit estimate.

o Properties of Radicals

o Operations with Radicals (+, -, x, /)

o Simplify Radicals
4. Rational Expressions
o Simplifying Rational Expressions.
o Operations with Rational Expressions. (+, -, x, /)
o Complex Fractions.

Miscellaneous (Quiz only)

o Factoring with Fractional Exponents
o Midpoint Formula
o Distance Formula
o Direct and Inverse Proportions

5. Linear Equations
o Solving Linear Equations
o Solving equations that are equivalent to linear equations
o Applications
6. Quadratic Equations and Complex Numbers
o Solving by Factoring
o Solving by Extracting Square Roots
o Solving by Completing the Square
o Solving by Quadratic Formula
o Applications
o Arithmetic Operations with Complex Numbers(+, -, *, /)
o Quadratic equations with complex solutions

7. Other Equations
o High-order polynomial equations
o Rational equations
o Absolute value equations
o Equations with radicals and fractional exponents
8. Inequalities
o Interval notation
o Linear inequalities
o Absolute value inequalities
o Polynomial inequalities
o Rational inequalities
o Domains of functions
9. Graphing
o Slope of lines
o Equations of lines
o Definition and evaluation of functions
o Domains and zeros of functions
o Difference quotient
o Domain, range, zeros on graphs
o Graphing linear functions
o Graphing quadratic functions
o Graphing absolute value functions
o Graphing greatest integer functions

o Graphing piecewise functions

10. Functions
o Arithmetic operations (+, -, *, /)
o Composition of functions
o Inverse of functions
o Graphing functions on a graphing calculator
o Analyse graphs of functions
o Even/odd functions
11. Polynomials
o Graphing parabolas in vertex form
o Graphing parabolas in standard form
o Multiplicity of zeros
o Leading coefficient test
o Sketching graphs of polynomials
o Long division
o Synthetic division
o Rational root theorem
o Descartes rule of signs
o Upper and lower bounds of zeroes
12. Logarithms
o Definition of logarithms
o Graphs of exponential functions
o Properties of logs

o Graphs of logarithms
o Log equations
o Exponential equations
13. Systems of Equations
o Solving by graphing
o Solving by substitution
o Solving by elimination
o Applications
o Graphing inequalities
o Systems of inequalities
14. Sequences and Series
o Sigma notation
o Arithmetic Sequence
o Arithmetic Series
o Geometric Sequence
o Infinite geometric series
o Finite geometric series
15. Binomial Theorem and Probability
o Combinations
o Binomial theorem
o Pascal's triangle
o Counting principles
o Probability

16. Matrices and Determinants

o Arithmetic operations (+, -, *)
o Determinants
o Inverse of 2x2 matrix
o Applications
o Row operations