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Brian Brown Assignment 1: Information Literacy

Assignment 1: Information Literacy

Best Practice (BB): create the document and under each step type the answer.

1. Use the Internet to find a Technology current event article

The article must be current (no more than 30 days old) and from a reputable source
Article must discuss one or more of the following topics;
o Mobile technology
o Ethics
o Privacy
o Security
o Emerging technology
Some recommended sites are,, technology sections of CNN,
BBC, and Economist.

From Fox News:

2. Write a paragraph summarizing the article. (5 points)

The article Chinese upstart takes lead in fast-growing drone market on Fox News webpage is about a
Chinese based startup company called DJI Technology Co. The company is the current world leader in
supplying civilian drones, grown from a 20 employee enterprise in 2009 to an international enterprise
with more than 2,000 employees. They provide many different models, including the Inspire 1, the latest
model with a camera, GPS capability and a live feed to a smart phone app. The company stands out from
competition by providing quality products with the latest technology at a reasonable price.

3. Find two additional Internet articles on the same topic. (4 points)

List the keywords you will use to do the search.

Run the search on two different search engines.
Identify the search engines you used.
Compare the results from the two searches was one search engine better than the
other, why, how.
From Google (Keyword Drone):
From Yahoo (Keyword Drone):

Brian Brown Assignment 1: Information Literacy

Google was better because there werent as many sponsored ads that they were trying to force me
to read.

4. TRAAP your sources. (8 points)

Evaluate one Internet article you found in step 3 by answering the following questions:
1. Time when was it written? Has it been updated?
2. Relevance does it relate to your topic or answer your question?
3. Authority who is the author(s)? Are they qualified to write about this topic? How do
you know?
4. Accurate is the information trustworthy? Is it supported by evidence? Has it been
tested for accuracy?
5. Purpose why was it written, to inform, sell, persuade? Is there a bias or is the material
ABC article from Google search:
1. Jan 10th. No.
2. Yes
3. Scott Mayerowitz, I would say he is qualified because he had multiple articles in all databases
searched so it seems like he knows something about the subject.
4. It has not been tested, and there isnt a lot of evidence needed just a comparison made in the
5.It was written to inform, and it seems to be objective

5. Find two scholarly journal articles on the same topic from the CCBC library
databases. (4 points)
List the keywords you used to find the articles.
Identify the database you used.
Justify the choice of the database used.
Used Access Science Database (Keyword Drones):

I used this database because when I was searching for databases this one seemed
like the best fit for a technology search.
6. Compare the Internet and Journal articles. (5 points)
Write a paragraph comparing one Internet article and one journal article based on the
Ease of access
When comparing the ABC article Drone Market Resembles Silicon Valley's Early Days and the
Access Science article Uninhabited aerial vehicle (UAV) it is difficult to say which search engine
produced better results. Google easily delivered the ABC article, not only was it easy to get to the

Brian Brown Assignment 1: Information Literacy

article, but it was also just written yesterday. The one downside of the google search is also the
strength of the UAV article. The google search provides results published by anyone who thinks that
they know anything about drones, but the Access Science article was written by a professor of
Aerospace Engineering making that article more trustworthy.

7. Cite all five sources in APA or MLA format. (10 points)

Specify which format you are using.
You may also use Easy Bib to create citations
MLA format using Easy Bib

8. Formatting of document. (4 points)

Place the title of the assignment and your name on the left side of the header.
Place the page number in the center of the footer.

9. Upload document for a grade in Blackboard.

Grading of Project
Paragraph summarizing the article
Two additional Internet articles
TRAAP your sources
Two additional Journal articles
Compare the Internet and Journal articles
Cite all five sources
Formatting of document

5 points
4 points
8 points
4 points
5 points
10 points
4 points
40 points

Points will be deducted for spelling and grammatical errors.

Brian Brown Assignment 1: Information Literacy

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