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F11: Recap Paper 3

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1. A casualty with clear fluid spotted with blood coming from the ears
could be suffering from…?

a) Concussion

b) Ear Infection

c) Foreign body in the ear

d) Skull Fracture

2. The priority when dealing with a conscious casualty with a suspected

spinal injury is…….?

a) To make them comfortable

b) To maintain an open airway and prevent any movement

c) To get an ambulance

d) To put them in the recovery position

3. A fractured leg should be…..?

a) Immobilised and supported in a comfortable position until help arrives

b) Raised above the heart to help prevent shock

c) Kept warm with hot water bottles around it

d) Strapped to the good leg to await the paramedics

4. Burns should be cooled under water for a minimum of….?

a) 5 minutes

b) 10 minutes

c) 15 minutes

d) 20 minutes

5. What is the first thing to consider when dealing with electrocution from
the domestic supply?

a) Treating Bleeding

b) Treating Burns

c) Checking for Burns

d) Turning off the power supply

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F11: Recap Paper 3

6. The immediate treatment for severe bleeding is….?

a) Bandage the wound and stand the casualty up

b) Call for an ambulance

c) Apply direct pressure and elevate the injured part

d) Place the casualty in the recovery position

7. Which of the following is part of the treatment for a dislocation?

a) Apply a cold compress

b) Support and immobilise the injury

c) Encourage the casualty to move the injured joint

d) Put it back into place

8. What is the main danger of severe burns to the mouth?

a) Internal Bleeding

b) Shock

c) Infection

d) Impaired breathing

9. What is the initial treatment for a casualty suffering from heat stroke?

a) Remove them to a cool place, remove outer clothing and dial 999

b) Lay them down with blankets and a hot water bottle

c) Sit in a cold place and give a cold drink

d) Protect from the environment, warm slowly and keep them still

10. A conscious casualty who has swallowed bleach should be….?

a) Encouraged to vomit

b) Sat down, given sips of water and removed to hospital

c) Told to go to the doctor

d) Placed in the recovery position

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