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Roles in the Civil War 8-4.

1. What emotions did slaves have as

the Union Army began taking over
Southern plantations?
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The Civil War played a major role in the lives of all South Carolinians.
Before the Civil War, plantation owners became wealthy from cash crops and slavery. During
the war many plantation owners served as officers in the Confederate army. Some were
excused from service under the 20 slave law. Due to this law, men from the lower classes
served and died in unequal numbers. At the conclusion of the war, many plantations had been
destroyed and plantation owners lost their wealth due to the end of slavery.

2. How do you think women felt about their husbands leaving to fight
in the war?
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Women were left behind to maintain the farms and run the plantations, which were made
difficult because of shortages of supplies such as clothes and food. Inflation made Confederate
money worthless. Women were forced to create substitutes for needed items or simply went
without. Some women served as nurses or raised money for the cause. As the Union Army
made their way throughout the South, many women were forced to leave their homes. At the
conclusion of the war, many were left without a husband and became the main provider for
their family.

3. Why do you think freed African Americans quickly signed up to serve in the war
after President Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation?
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During the war, many slaves ran away to join the Union Army. Others stayed on the plantation
and waited for the Union army. President Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation,
which freed slaves in areas controlled by the Confederacy. Unfortunately, most slaves were not
freed. Slaves were freed as a result of the Union Army, not the Emancipation Proclamation.
President Lincolns announcement allowed African Americans to fight for the Union Army and
many volunteered immediately but were discriminated against. They served under the
leadership of white officers and were paid less. Some African Americans were put into service
for the Confederate armies, as masters took their slaves with them to the battlefield or they
were required to build defenses.

4. Why do you think young boys

signed up to serve in both the Union
and Confederate Armies?
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The Civil War also had an impact on children. Both slave and free children assisted around the
farm or plantation. Boys as young as 10, volunteered in the army serving as drummer boys and
standard bearers, some were killed in the crossfire. After the war, many children were left
without fathers or had fathers with injuries who could not work.