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Romeo & Juliet: Blame Game

Love is giving someone the power to destroy you, but trusting them not to. Does love end
up destroying both Montague and Capulet? In the sorrowful love tragedy of Romeo and Juliet,
these two star-crossed lovers discover how much love or what they think is love can destroy you.
In the city of Verona lies two rivals Capulet and Montagues. But what happens when a young
bipolar Montague sees a young beautiful Capulet?
In the story, both Romeo and Juliet face a lot of real life situations that are still being faced
today. An example is the use of coercion, which is using intimidation or threats to get someone
to do something. It is being used in Act 2, Scene 5 when Lord Capulet tells Juliet she must marry
Paris or else he will disown and banish her. ? An you be mine, Ill give you to my friend, An you
be not hang, beg, starve, die in the streets, For, by my soul, Ill neer acknowledge thee, Nor
what is mine shall never do thee good. For every situation there is a solution and there is also a
cause for the solution. Can someone who started the situation also be the solution of it? After the
Friar realizes the mistake of the marriage he does all he can to solve the problems it created.
While Mercutio could be blamed because he provokes and puts Romeo in situations that
afterward usually lead to negative consequences. If Mercutio would not have forced Romeo to
get over Rosaline and face reality instead of his dreams by going to the party, he would still be in
trying to live out his fantasies through his dreams. True, I talk of dreams which are the children
of an idle brain, begot of nothing but vain fantasy, But even through Mercutio got him over
Rosaline and Romeo used his eyes to fall in love with Juliet, he still would have quickly fell in
love with someone else because just like other young men he has his heart in his eyes and there

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are many beautiful girls. Young mens love lies not truly in their heart, but in their eyes. By
giving liberty unto thine eyes, examine other beauties.
Another person that could be blamed is the guy who was supposed to deliver the letter to
Romeo. If he had gotten to Romeo on time, then Romeo would have not had such a negative and
emotional reaction and would have known about the poison. Even though the delivery guy would
have stopped Romeo from having a negative reaction does not mean the Friars plan would have
gone right. Back in their time period they persecuted and punished everyone for the slightest rule
breaking, so it would not have been long till another person dies and they open the tomb and see
that Juliet has vanished. There are many other reasons why the Friars plan would have went
wrong. Along with them seeing Juliet missing from the tomb, the poison that the Friar gave her
could have actually been poison and she could have ended up dead. So why out of all the other
solutions did the Friar chose this one? Did the Friar have bad intentions? Your part in her you
could not keep from death, but heaven keeps his part in eternal life. The most you sought was her
promotion. After Juliet dies the Friar talks to the nurse and tells her she couldnt have kept her
from dying, which is ironic because she trust him with the poison that could have killed her.
That you run mad, seeing that she is well: Shes not well married that lives, married long;
which shows that the Friar did not believe in long marriages, and just like he said, Juliet married
Making bad decisions is part of life, blaming others for your bad decisions is immature. The
Friar made a terrible decision that affected most of citizens in Verona, and he attempting to add
the nurse to the blame shows his characteristics as a person. The Friar agreed to marry Romeo
and Juliet in attempt to end the hatred placed among the Montague and Capulets, Ill thy
assistant be; for this alliance may so happy prove to turn your households rancor to pure love.

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(Act 2, Scene 3) But did he do it to benefits the Montague and Capulets households or did he do
it to benefit himself and make him look mighty because he ended the rivalry? Do people do
things for people to benefit and please them or is it to benefit and promote themselves and make
them look good?