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Kristin Pipho

824 Main Street Apt. 2B, Cedar Falls, IA 50613


To obtain a teaching position in early childhood, elementary or high school in general and/or special

University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, IA
Bachelor of Arts: Elementary Education & Early Childhood Education/Special Education
Minors: Instructional Strategist II: Mental Disabilities K-12 & Music
Cumulative GPA: 3.7/4.0
Graduation Date: December 2014
Deans List: Spring 2010, Fall 2011, Spring 2012, Fall 2012, Spring 2013, Fall 2013
Certifications: OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Child Abuse Mandatory Reporter High Risk Behaviors
and Substance Abuse First Aid Pediatric and Adult CPR

International Community School of Addis, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Second Student Teaching Placement, Early Childhood four year olds
Implemented inquiry based and High Scope Curriculum
Compiled information for student portfolios
Evaluated classroom management techniques
Differentiated lessons for students learning English as a second language

Fall 2014

Lou Henry Elementary, Waterloo, IA

Fall 2014
First Student Teaching Placement, K-5th Special Education
Planned and taught lessons in all content areas for grades K-5th in a self-contained setting
Collected data on IEP goals
Supervised and managed five para-educators
Helped manage and implement Behavior Intervention Plans
Kittrell Elementary, Waterloo, IA
Phase 2, 3rd-5th Special Education
Co-taught literacy with another UNI student
Developed and carried out the literacy lesson every day for six weeks
Administered alternative assessments in literacy
Tracked data for IEP goals

Spring 2014

Freeburg Early Childhood Center, Waterloo, IA

Level 3 Early ChildhoodField Experience, Four year olds
Organized and implemented a student-led learning center on sound
Collected data based on the GOLD Standards

Spring 2014

Cedar Falls High School, Cedar Falls, IA

Phase 1, 10th-12th Special Education
Co-taught American History with another UNI student
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Fall 2013

Kristin Pipho
824 Main Street Apt. 2B, Cedar Falls, IA 50613

Developed and carried out the history lesson every day for 6 weeks
Coached individual students in a variety of math content areas
Administered alternative assessments in reading and math
Observed the IEP planning process and IEP meetings

Maywood Head Start Center, Waterloo, IA

Spring 2013
Infant/Toddler Guidance, 12-24 Months Classroom
Planned and implemented six exploration centers which included Rainbow Rice, Egg Painting
and Opening/Closing Containers
Helped prepare and serve breakfast to the children
Interacted with children and teachers during play, reading and other activities
Greeted parents and children at the door every morning
Marvin Camras Childrens Engineering School, Chicago, IL
Level 3 Field Experience, 4th grade bilingual
Created and taught lessons on multiplication and division
Taught all academic subjects for three days
Observed teaching methods and student responses
Participated in a curriculum development day

Spring 2013

Malcolm Price Laboratory School, Cedar Falls, IA

Spring 2012
Level 2 Field Experience, 1st-5th Special Education
Planned and implemented two lessons on addition and subtraction word problems for a small
group of third grade students
Worked one-on-one with second grade students on writing autobiographies and reading
Helped administer ITBS tests to a group of fifth grade students with special needs
Executed self-monitoring class management techniques during my lessons
UNI Child Development Center, Cedar Falls, IA
Early Childhood Curriculum, Infant Room
Guided a scoop and pour exploration activity with the infants
Interacted with infants during play time
Helped during feeding and nap time

Fall 2011

Highland Elementary, Waterloo, IA

Spring 2011
Level 1 Field Experience, 2nd-3rd Special Education
Worked one-on-one with students on addition and subtraction
Developed and taught two social studies lessons; one on the Statue of Liberty and the other on
Mount Rushmore
Co-taught a word work lesson with mentor teacher

Champions of Autism, Waterloo, IA
Read Corner-read to students who have autism or ADHD
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Dec. 2013-June 2014

Kristin Pipho
824 Main Street Apt. 2B, Cedar Falls, IA 50613

Worked concession stands to help raise money

Babysat children while parents were attending support groups and informational meetings

Team Kyle, Son Rise Autism Program, Cedar Falls, IA

Volunteered two hours a week to spend time with child
Facilitated activities with child
Taught appropriate social skills in different possible situations

Sept. 2012-Aug. 2014

Kappa Kappa Psi-Eta Pi, University of Northern Iowa
Positions held:
Service Chair: Fall 2010, Spring 2012, Fall 2013, Spring 2014
Historian: Fall 2010-Spring 2012

Aug. 2009-Dec. 2014

Student Council for Exceptional Children, University of Northern Iowa

Positions held:
Treasurer: Fall 2013, Spring 2014

Aug. 2013-May 2014

Lehman Family, Cedar Falls, IA
Special Needs Caregiver

Oct. 2013-Aug. 2014

Panera Bread, Waterloo, IA

Assistant Manager

Aug. 2009-Oct. 2013

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