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. THROUGH THE FIRE Words and Music by DAVID FOSTER, ginally Recorded by (AKA KAHN CYNTHIA WEIL and TOM KEANE Slowly Abmajo EbIDb Db(add9) Chmaj7 Db/E 8 ea B f R “f With pedal Abmai9 Eb/Db Db(add9) Db/Eb ee ge B 745069) Fit Ebm9 Ab7 1 look in your eyes and I can see you've loved so dan - g’rous - 1 knaw your're a- fraid of what you feels ‘you still need time. to Ab(add9) a 3 Bbm7/Eb Ab(add9) CT#S(b9) gg se Dbmaj7 Cm7 Fm7 Bbm7 ge & 8 8 EP v —— ‘You're not trustin’ your heart to an-y-one.. You tell_ me youre gon - na play: 5 _ purl can help ifyou'll on-ly let metry. You touched me and some-thing in —me 2 © 1984 WARNER-TAMERLANE PUBLISHING CORP. DAD MUSIC LTD. and NEROPUB MUSIC ‘eetNat Copyigsscued AI Rigs Reseed 121 Fm7 Ebm9 Ab7 Dbmaj7 m7 Fm7 & Ee = & a” & But 1 be - lieve _ that we've Now I'm notread > y to smart; we're through be - fore we start, knew what I could have with you, Bbm7 Bbm7/Eb Dbm? Abmaj7 Ey me” When it’s this good, there’s no say-in’ no, When it’s this sweet, there’s no say-i on-ly just be- gun. kiss that dream good-bye. Dbm7 I want you so; I'm read- y to I need you so; I'm ready to Through the fire, By to the lim - it, for the chance _ to Gm7 C79 E' # Ab Cm? Dbmaj7 Ee 8B be with you;_ I'd glad-ly risk— it all. EWG Ab Ee & for a chance_ at lov - in” ‘Throngh the fire, — you, — Fm? & m7 Dbmaj7 BB Td take Bbm7 & through what-ev - er come.what all the Gm? c7ts Dbmg Dbmaj7/Eb Fa Fe To cods ()EE" i , ——s — & ye ¢ =e ee ov — —_ | way, right down to the wire, —__ e - ven through the fire. Ebb chmgjr Dbreb || “Ab = = @ | ge Dbm7 Abmaj7? Dbm7 B j Instrumental soio End solo m7 Fm? Bb? cm? “a Dbith Ee D.S. al Coda gf ef Through — the — through the fire, copa ae ee DbIEb Fm7 Bbm7 —Db/Eb Fm? i 8 & & &F B e-ven through the fire. — ‘Through the fire, & & & 2 & 8 to the limit, ‘Through the fire, to the lim-it,__ Through the fire, | | Repeat ad © Bbm7 DbiEb Fm? Bbm7 Db/Eb Fm?